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Comment Re:Cui Bono? (Score 2) 141

in general most of the American public outside of hardcore supports of Mr. Trump quite frankly don't give two shits about Hillary Clinton's emails. Really. Most people are just going..yeah yeah politics is dirty and shrug it off.

Which is exactly why we are now in the current situation where we have the two worst candidates in modern history. Lying to congress and destroying evidence are more than just dirty politics, it's serious crimes that would land anyone else in prison.

If the GOP had nominated ANYBODY else, Mrs. Clinton would be losing this election.

Tell that to John McCain and Mittens Romney.

Comment Re:What's the Solution? (Score 1) 132

( 2) this only prevents attacks where the address actually is spoofed. If a large number of compromised devices are running malware they can just make an overwhelming number of legitimate service requests en masse...

Why would an ISP allow me to make "an overwhelming number of legitimate service requests"? Oh, that's right, you answered that question in point #1 -- most ISPs don't give a shit.

Comment Re:How is this news? (Score 2) 269

Sorry. That's shit, too.

People who are well-motivated and self-driven can work without someone continuously breathing over their shoulder.

People who are slackers can slack off just as well in the middle of a crowded office. Dilbert's fellow-employee Wally is alive and well and I've had the questionable honor of working in offices with many of his clones over the years.

In my first real job, there was this one guy who would go into the restroom every morning with at least 2 newspapers.

Comment Re:Managers like to stalk (Score 1) 269

Speaking of what matters, would financial numbers matter to them after they discover productivity is in the toilet due to them driving their best talent out the door?

Apparently, losing good people doesn't bother anyone, because they keep doing it and I have yet to see anyone ever admit that they're doing something wrong and need to change.

Comment Re:The government to save us? (Score 2) 164

So the government will pass a law and all IoT will be secure... that would be the US gouv I assume? All companies in the world will be complying to the new law?

I would not count that for sure.

99% of all those IOT devices are made in China. If the U.S. created tougher regulations regarding security, it seems unlikely that Chinese manufacturers would make one set of devices for the U.S. and one for everyone else. So the rest of the world would end up getting more secure devices also.

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