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Comment Somewhere, in an undisclosed location... (Score 2) 531

...a briefing is taking place. The director of the CIA is there, as is the head of the NSA, the National Security Counselor, and the Federal Elections Commission. The briefing, being given by an anonymous deputy

D: "Ladies and Gentleman, we have a problem. Vladimir Putin has developed a new weapon which he plans deploy to disrupt our electoral process."

NSA (interrupting): "He's resurrected the Tsar Bomba and he's going to set it off on election day, isn't he?

CIA: "No, no, no, nukes are too crude even for Putin. Clearly he has a new weapon to cut off all electrical power on election day."

NSC: "Come now, this is foolish. Certainly he has come up with a virus to cause all our voting machines to record all votes for Putin himself, as a thumb in our eye."

D: "No, it's not any of that"

NSA (interrupting again): "It's not that thing where he takes his shirt off again, is it?"

D: "No, it's more horrible than that. Putin intends to tell the American public... the TRUTH"

Comment Re:Meanwhile the EU is saying... (Score 1) 315

Q1: the UK have had a place at the negociating table for years. If British people don't like the EU decisions, they only have themselves to blame, because they did not negotiate properly. Period.

Or the people who wanted something else had a stronger position. If negotiation cannot obtain acceptable terms, exit is a perfectly reasonable alternative.

Comment Re:Logic Says It Should Be Legal (Score 1) 396

If you give the FDA more money, they will spend it on things like enforcing rules against importation of epi-pens rather than going through the backlog of generics. They will then claim they need more money to go through the backlog of generics. Basically the last thing a government agency will spend money on are the things people want, because not doing those things is the best way for it to get additional funding. (This is a generalization of the famous Washington Monument strategy)

Comment Re: And the other end of the deal? (Score 1) 294

Do you realize that the US women took home more medals in this olympics than the men?

Sure. Katie Ledecki got gold for swimming 800m about 15s slower than Connor Jaeger did for swimming 800m on the way to 1500m for mere silver. Still think there isn't something inherently different about women, or was Ledecki just sandbagging the way to the world record?

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