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Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 1) 357

Making the journey shorter by eliminating left turns is not.

Yeah, came here to say that.

it created an algorithm that eliminated left turns from drivers' routes even if meant a longer journey... In 2005, a year after it announced that it will minimize left turns, the company said that the total distance covered by its 96,000 trucks was reduced by 747,000km, and 190,000 litres of fuel had been save

So they are taking a longer journey but going less distance? It seems to imply that more gas is used idling than driving.

Comment Re:GPL (Score 2) 176

I feel that the viral licensing clauses in GPL v3 will ultimately hinder the further development of software.

I think it's great for educational/learning/teaching purposes and bad for business situations. I think it's restricted itself out of practical usage, in it's determination to be open and not restrictive, it's achieved the opposite. Based on the amount of MIT licenses I see on github and in source, I think many people share this view.

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