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Comment Re:Unused ports are a wasteful problem (Score 1) 377

You would not get 2 minutes of battery life if they used that little space for that purpose. Also there is no "option" not to have one. If they made two kinds of iPhone 7s, one with and one without headphone jack I would totally agree with you: If you do not need it, you buy one which does not have one.

Comment Re:20 minutes... (Score 1) 55

Well.. actually I do. At the moment I have to have 2-4 battery packs for some jobs, which is a hassle I would not mind getting rid of. It might be suitable for someone who wants to record sliding down a snowy mountain or a short jog on the beach... but if you want to _use_ it, that 20 minutes is not much. The best I can make out of that 20 minutes regarding useful imagery is around 12-14 minutes, and that is the best case scenario. So, bottom line, I would love if they put that much effort in battery longevity they are putting into other areas.

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