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Comment Re:Ignore the ones that have been edited (Score 1) 350

If you'll notice, no one has disputed the veracity of the emails. If the emails were faked or altered, the DNC and Clinton campaign would be all over the place driving that home. Instead they're making nebulous statements about how we shouldn't trust them because of the source, suggesting there may be forgeries or alterations but without ever saying so outright. Which is as far as they can go if they know the emails are all legit.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 548

Look, his quote about Mexico came off as racist. He was talking about illegal immigration and the cartels, but the way he said it came out pretty bad, possibly worse than he intended, perhaps exactly how he felt. I can't be sure. At the same time, he did something Hitler never would have - he said he loves Mexicans, that they're great people and a great country. Hitler never said anything positive about the Jews.

In fact, Trump's stated position on women, blacks, Mexicans and Muslims is that he loves them. To my knowledge, he has never said anything derogatory about women in general (only specific women he didn't get along with), and what has been framed as anti-black statements were in fact criticisms of Democrats for failing the black community. His stated policies regarding Muslims are directed against terrorists, not Muslims in general; just as his policy regarding Mexicans is directed at illegal immigration, not Mexicans or Mexican immigrants in general.

Contrast that with Hitler, whose policies regarding Jews, Gypsies, and other "mud peoples" (what a dick that guy was), were always directed against the whole. Who never said anything nice about those groups or walked back a statement about them. There is no comparison between Trump and Hitler. The breadth and scope of the National Socialist agenda would blow your mind. Trump has a platform of economic nationalism. Hitler intended to completely and fundamentally reshape humanity and reality itself. To compare them is madness.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 548

I agree. It's an incredibly deceptive rhetorical tactic that the left uses with irritating frequency. Questions get reframed to suggest that the only possible motivation one could have to disagree is hate for some specific group. The right uses it too, generally in the form, "if you disagree you hate America", but less often in general, and far less often from ranking politicians.

Comment Re:Accept the fact that technology moves on. (Score 1) 894

Well, we already have seen technology replace the human brain. You even italicized an example - Excel, the continuation of an evolutionary process that began with scribes performing calculations by hand, then by slide-rule, then with mechanical calculators, then electronic, and finally, computerized spreadsheets that perform complex accounting tasks that once required rooms full of clerks with calculators. And don't even get me started on statistical analysis! Ever try to find correlations by performing linear regressions by hand? Of course not!

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 894

It's really, really expensive. To give every American (all 324,829,971) $310.00 costs over $100 billion, so doing that 12 times a year costs $1.2 trillion. The Federal government took in $3.3 trillion in 2015. That's quite a lot to be spending on the assumption that a trend as old as human technology will suddenly end, with new tech not creating new jobs as it eliminates old ones.

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