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Comment Preperation (Score 1) 74

I think it's obvious what's happening here. Whales are beginning to make their move, training to invade the land and slip quietly back into the sea.

This is a war we can and must win! Lock up those literal race traitors at Greenpeace and join Japan in the race to save humanity from the terrors in the deep!

Comment 3D touch adds $5 to the cost? Totally justifies (Score 1) 143

jacking up the retail price for that model by what, $300-$400, right? Retail launch price of a new iPhone is six or seven hundred bucks, and the one that costs $5 more to make is going to retail for $1000+. Totally reasonable, I know, but I also know there's at least one guy out there who thinks Apple should use the new component across the model line and just eat the $5 instead of pretending that this is the only time that there's "a significant redesign and the use of premium parts."

Unless I totally misread the article.

Comment So, booking a hotel in NYC is illegal now? (Score 1) 267

the Marrakech Hotel, was hit with 12 violations for listing SROs in the building on several booking platforms, including, Expedia, Kayak, Hotwire, Travelocity, and Orbitz

A hotel advertising on hotel booking sites is illegal? How is one supposed to visit NYC if it's illegal to book a hotel room?

Is the problem with the BedStuy property that is isn't up to code, or that she's trying to make money off apartments she hasn't rented out yet? You can't even make the claim that there's a lease-violating sublet since it's the building owner doing it.

Seems to me that NYC picked the wrong cases to start with.

Comment Re:The law (Score 1) 267

While I agree that what's going on is stupid, immigration law is Federal, while the AirBnB law is a local ordinance - by NYC for NYC.

The part I find to be really dumb is that one of the properties in question is an actual hotel, and it's getting fined for advertising on hotel booking sites. Which on it's face makes it sound like booking a trip to NYC is now illegal.

Comment Re:A tale of two Chinas (Score 1) 56

Nicely put. If you didn't know, the slowdown in growth rates as China approaches parity falls under the heading of Convergence Theory. Developing economies grow very fast by taking advantage of tools developed by, well, developed economies. As the level of development begins to converge with the West, they experience diminishing marginal returns (what with increasing labor costs and the increasing cost of the "next" improvement) and growth rates fall sharply.

My concern is that as the middle class rises and demands ever greater political power (to match growing economic power), and as the growth rates that sustain the Party's rule fall, the government will go to ever greater lengths to maintain control over an increasingly uncontrollable situation. Eventually tearing the country apart or even leading to war with the US.

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