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Comment Re:Open borders! Open borders! Open borders! (Score 1) 271

The solution to illegal immigration is to make source countries richer

Why would country A be responsible for country B's economy?

According to your statement, the solution to illegal immigration from Venezuela is to make Venezuela richer. While, interestingly enough, Venezuela is one of the richest countries in the world, in terms of natural resources. So why are all the people so poor?

Because they elected a bus driver as their president.

You read that right. Venezuela is a prime example of left socialist utopia failing. And whom do they blame for their failings?

Maduro blamed capitalism for speculation that is driving high rates of inflation and creating widespread shortages of staples

So go ahead, go make other countries richer. But please, don't do it with my tax money,

Comment Re:I think it's safe to say that wouldn't hold up (Score 1) 216

I think violence to prevent harm is generally accepted. It's when you find out two days later and kill him that it's a crime, rather than if you come home mid-act.

If I found out two days later, I'd still do the same, provided the police don't grab the guy before I do.

But all of that does not matter. My point is that there are cases where it is crystal clear who committed a very heinous crime, and some of those crimes deserve capital punishment. For punishment and prevention purposes.

But I will emphasize that I only support capital punishment in those cases: it has to be absolutely clear whodunnit. Not one of those cases where some poor black guy from da hood is being framed by a tiny shred of DNA evidence and gets his head chopped off, only to be exonerated 30 years after the fact. Those cases are disgusting.

Comment Re:I think it's safe to say that wouldn't hold up (Score 1) 216

I don't support the death penalty even for people I'd personally happily kill because the death penalty is inherently flawed

Right. If I come home to find a guy abusing my pre-teen daughter, you bet that I will Judge Dredd this mofo's ass.

The death penalty is not flawed. It's the current process to come to that. In cases where there is absolutely no doubt about guilt (think Boston Marathon), the death penalty is something I can only welcome.

But anytime a conviction is based on nothing more than "beyond reasonable doubt", I do agree with you that capital punishment should be excluded as an option.

Comment Re:That's incredible! (Score 1) 113

I think that governments DO need to step in when there is:

A: Disagree. Let a competitor start up.
B: Which means that the government did mess with the market, so my original point still applies
C: In very limited situations: yes, I agree with you
D: Disagree. Companies set their own pricing. You don't like it, you go to a competitor.
E: See C indeed.
F: Go ahead, sue OPEC.

Submission + - Snapshat not responsible for 100mph car crash, says judge. (cbsnews.com)

sabri writes: A Georgia judge dismissed a lawsuit against Snapchat, brought on by the victims of a car crash involving a Snapchat user. According to the case details, the Snapchat user was actively using Snapchat while driving at speeds close to 160km (100mph in retard units) when she collided with the plaintiffs.

Snapchat is protected by the immunity clause of the 1996 Communications Decency Act.

Comment Re:Customers already refunded... (Score 1) 139

federally mandated recall

The recall notice says clearly that consumers should stop using and power down.

The device related problems are an issue between the end-user and Samsung, not Verizon. Verizon has no business interfering in the legal use of a legally purchased device. To Verizon's network, it is irrelevant what device I would use, and therefore Verizon would be in breach of contract for turning of services I am paying for. Unless of course, Verizon can demonstrate how the use of a Samsung Note 7 device is interfering with the integrity of their network. This is a class action lawsuit coming.

Don't forget that the issue is battery related. So take out the battery, and you have a perfectly functioning computing device.

Comment Re:Eight function toilet? (Score 5, Insightful) 187

I can think of three, maybe four, but beyond light flush, heavy flush, bidet, and drier, what are the other four functions?

After my first trip to Japan, I bought one of those superseats. Mine features a heated seat with different settings, front bidet for the ladies, back bidet for us all, settings for water temperature. And I didn't even buy the iffy-spiffy one.

Home Depot sells them. Once you've used them, you'll wonder why we use paper. Think about it: if you get poop on your hand, would you just wipe it or properly clean it with soap and water? Nevermind, I know the answer. So why do you settle for just wiping down there?

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 495

And who demanded the trophies? Not the millenials as kids. They were handed the trophy no matter what they did, lose or win. If this is the 'normal' that they're taught (again, by whom?) then what are they to expect in adulthood?

Exactly. Which is why my 5 year old is being raised "old-fashioned". No participation trophies.

The boomers created their own disaster by raising kids to believe they could do anything they wanted and they'd get a participation trophy for their efforts, no matter how little.

Totally, totally agree with you on this. Now it's up to the world to toughen them up a bit, while the Boomers enjoy their free retirement in Florida.

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