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Comment Re:Illegal? (Score 2) 181

A liar for pleading guilty while innocent? You're really asking that.

What would your choice be?

- 2 years of probation, and a $6,000 lawyer bill that you can hope to pay off, or...

- 2 years in jail after losing a one year court fight, with an attorney fee of ~$150,000 that you have no hope of paying off in under 30 years.

Please, tell me whether you'd lie and plead guilty, or mortgage your future and go to jail anyway?

Comment Re:Illegal? (Score 1) 181

> He was an idiot to become a defense contractor, ... If you've got an existing criminal enterprise, don't go there.

The only proof we've been given that there was a criminal enterprise is that the kid plead guilty.

Plenty of innocent people plead. Sometimes even at their lawyer's recommendation.

If you've evidence about this case not available in the DOJ press release, please share it with us.

Comment Re:not a rejection, a redirection (Score 1) 295

>Our Vizio comes with a really terrible and over-simple remote that doesn't do anything, to configure the TV you must at least use your smartphone and a crappy application.

The quality of the controls available on the TV itself (let alone the remote) are a critical purchase criteria for me. I've had too many remotes destroyed by wayward batteries. ... and I don't own a smartphone.

Comment I'd wait for the Mr Handy version, but... (Score 1) 80

... either I'd be one of the millions who didn't get a spot in a Vault, or I'd most likely be a feral ghoul. And while Super Mutants have green thumbs, they also have green pinkies, green hands, and green faces.

Or, you know, the atom bombs would knock me into an entirely different dimension where the Mr Handy was never invented.

Besides, it's a good 60 years to 2077. I'd be dead of simple old age, if I wasn't ghoulified.

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