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Comment Re:Cheaper? (Score 1) 382

You're never going to get anywhere remotely near wholesale prices, honestly.

I would just buy a whole wrecked Leaf, strip the pack out and sell the rest for scrap. You'll get OEM quality batteries and the price will be low, and you'll get 24kwh of batteries.

Looking on car-part, there's a Leaf pack from a wrecked 2014 for $2500 right now. That's $104/kwh.

Comment Re:trying (Score 1) 491

"...doesn't include college-dorm moves prevalent with 18- to 24-year-olds..."
So it excludes what is probably the most common type of move people in this generation make. And, I mean look at the percentage of millennials who went to/are in college vs older generations. This doesn't seem particularly valid.

Comment Re:And the freezing temperature is...? (Score 1) 218

I put a temperature datalogger under some wadded up white t-shirts in the back seat of my car with the windows rolled up and left it in the parking lot at my work all day each day for a week (usually I crack the windows and put a reflector on the windshield).

The highest temp I saw was 172F (~78C).

Comment Re:Big battery will put a stop to this (Score 1) 218

Well, and charge/discharge efficiency.

NiFe batteries have a pretty atrocious efficiency: ~65% for charge, ~80% for discharge, or approximately 52% round-trip. Although like all batteries, the efficiency varies depending on the SOC. For instance, avoiding the top 25% of charge would bring this up some.

IIRC lead acid numbers vary quite a bit, but a charge/discharge regimen that won't eat your batteries in short order is around 72%, round trip.

Li-ion battery types (and there are lots) can be over 90% round trip.

This is an extremely important bit of data for grid energy storage that I wish had been included.

Comment Re:Nice...but... (Score 1) 212

The base model Leaf is now about 30,700. I guess it has fallen quite a bit since the last time you shopped one. That's MSRP, not post credit.

So around 23,200 for the base model (which is pretty well equipped).

On top of that, there are state rebates for installing your home EVSE where I am, and the power company has a special rate for EV owners (since they tend to draw lots of late night power.

Of course, it's all moot to me since I have nothing but street parking and can't install anything to charge. That's still the biggest weakness to me and what makes a non-gasser a non-starter.

Comment Re:The decline is due to ... (Score 1) 353

I mean, there's the main menu item "Slide" and "New Slide" is literally the very first item. "Duplicate Slide" is the second. Or you can right click in the slide thumbnail pane and choose "New Slide" there too.

Maybe the last time you looked was on an old version? They've made it MUCH better even in the last two point releases.

Also: They made animations (which you should only ever use for click-to-appear events, come on, don't be that dork) far easier. Easier, even, than Office.


Comment Re:I don't want Clippy on my phone! (Score 1) 94

Weird, I use the OK Google thing all the time. Especially when driving. "OK Google, launch Pandora," or "OX Google, navigate to 123 fake street, wherever."

Or when I'm walking at work (I have to do a lot of literal leg work walking all over, often carrying stuff). Sometimes I'll need to look something up and query Google verbally because I find it's much easier than typing when you're walking at a brisk pace.

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