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Comment Re:Vulkan (Score 1) 170

Considering the history of Apple open source contributions in things like OpenGL, I'd say your concerns are at best not really likely.

Apple may have made many open source contributions to OpenGL over the years but they've never bothered implementing anything better than OpenGL 4.1 on their own systems, even though the same graphics chips they use have OpenGL 4.4 and 4.5 implementations on other platforms.

IMO their OpenGL implementations also seem quite flakey, e.g.: half the time VirtualBox guests only draw white or grey boxes where their OpenGL content should be displayed. Sometimes this can be fixed by moving the guest window left or right a pixel or two, other times not.

Comment Re:Is it really that bad? (Score 1) 498

I have absolutely no idea what these people do to their machines or how little attention they pay that those automatic reboots happen. My experience only tells me it's the complainers who pay zero attention to system messages, and have no ability to plan for their machines to run maintenance.

I could guess... Windows is extremely bad at having newly appearing windows and dialogs steal keyboard focus from whatever you're working on. Dollars to donuts a lot of these people were in the middle of typing something when the update dialog appeared and the Update Now button would have been pressed for them during the next Enter or Space keystroke.

Comment Re:On/off controls (Score 1) 489

You'd think checkboxes would be the simple answer but tristate checkboxes (Checked/On, Unchecked/Off, Indeterminate) make things interesting.

You get tools vendors like DevExpress whose Indeterminate state is, depending on the theme, either fully clear (looks Unchecked/Off) or a filled in (could it be Checked/On) such as this example.

Why can't everyone settle on the horizontal line to represent Indeterminate such as this example?

Comment Re:Obvious way forward is obvious (Score 1) 278 is cute for backyard gardens and indoor drug labs but it doesn't scale to the tens/hundreds of acres/hectares that commercial farms typically cover. I'd expect to see something like farmbot's tool rigs getting dragged along behind automated tractors like a modern version of a plough.

Comment Re: Karma (Score 1) 40

I second this. Samsung is completely crap at providing firmware updates their TVs and Bluray players to fix fundamental issues with their software. e.g.: Typically the audio and video formats supported in the user manual only work over USB-connected storage - I've never once had a Samsung product able to decode all allegedly supported formats over an "AllShare" network connection.

Comment Re:Block everyone or the driver? (Score 1) 291


The guidelines for smartphones call for features able to differentiate between drivers and passengers within cars, so that only the driver is shown a simplified and restricted view.

Which leads to the question: how exactly do you differentiate between a driver and a passenger?

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