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Comment Know your demographic (Score 0) 186

Fact - people are lazy animals, and if you put obstacles in front of them, the vast majority of them look for the path of least resistance, even if it yields an inferior result. Blocks like this one aren't designed to block everyone, just make it painful enough that a large number won't hassle with a workaround, and because of human nature, it normally works.

Except that the demographic for TPB is those people who have shown that they don't mind hassling with a workaround.

Comment Re:Everyone is different (Score 1) 115

My wife was a nurse. She wanted to see everything. Me? Not so much.

And with our first, I didn't have time to get dressed and in the delivery room anyways... Baby went into distress and... WHOOSH ... out of the labor room in into the delivery room for an emergency section. She was pissed that they didn't have time to put up the mirror.

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