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Comment Re:SCSI Voodoo (Score 1) 614

Obviously, given my nick, I can't resist to respond to this one ;-) SCSI and termination was a black art at the days, especially when mixing narrow and wide SCSI. Don't mix LVD and HVD or the magic smoke may escape!

Incidentally I still have a parallel SCSI adapter in my Windows 10 PC. Took a bit of work (Convince a Win2k8 LSI server driver that it should install), but I now have access to my Exabyte VXA-2 tape drive.

Comment Re:Frank Yu doesn't know what he's talking about. (Score 0, Troll) 278

The sheets of silicon need to be produced and replaced regularly with huge environmental impact. Those 'elegant' windmills ruin the sight, are very noisy, very expensive to operate and maintain, and generate flicker vertigo. Here's a small exampe of what thos 'elegant' windmills look like, from a pro-wind site: http://www.milieubewust.net/du...

You really call this elegant? And remember that the country must be plastered with these things to get even close to the energy output of a single modern nuclear plant.

Comment Re:DAB is awesome (Score 1) 303

I have both DAB+ and FM in my car (Swedish Volvo), and I live in the Netherlands, a small, totally flat country. These circumstances should be perfect for DAB+. Even so, it drops out at random places where FM works just fine.

Looking at Norway, unless they plaster the country with transmitters, there's no way they can arrange proper coverage for DAB+.

Comment Re: No, that's not it (Score 1) 333

The real problem isn't Facebook, Twitter, the Russians, Chinese or whatever.

The real problem is who gets to decide what news is real or fake.

This is no more or less than an attempt to set up a 'Ministry of Truth'. People are very easy to manipulate, and having a system to gauge 'news' gives anyone immense power over those people.

Comment Kermit (Score 1) 181

I wrote my own terminal emulator in assembly on a CP/M system. Worked really well, except I couldn't get the darn X-Modem protocol right. Had to settle for Kermit.

Later I ran a 4-line Maximus BBS, wrote a DOS TSR software to redirect sysadmin yells over Netware IPX. Oh the days..

Comment Carpet bombing (Score 1) 56

If I would wear a tin-foil hat, then I'd suggest that Asia is carpet bombing the Western digital world. The difference being that no lives are being taken (yet), no physical damage occurs (yet) and no bomber planes are flying. Oh, and contrary to physical warfare, WE ARE PAYING for our own bombs. Small amounts each time,but we buy the cr*p that comes out of Asia.

I'm not wearing a tin-foil hat, but still I wonder if the cr*ppy firmware and spreading of so many exploitable devices isn't just part of the plan.

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