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Comment Evil by any other name (Score 1) 92

Comcast is consistently rated one of the most hated companies in America.
I wish I could get at least closer options from ANYONE else.... Just yesterday I received a letter in the mail from comcast. They're throttling my account to 1TB per month or pay an extra $50 per month for unlimited internet.... I ALREADY PAID FOR UNLIMITED INTERNET!! That was the option I selected just 2 years ago when I moved into my house. I already pay $150/mo for basic cable + internet, now the vultures want another $50... I have 3 teens at home plus a VPN for work, I push that cap. We need serious legal reform. It's pathetic the country that invented the internet has the worst service of civilized countries.

Comment the horror, the horror (Score 1) 324

It's interesting and sad that we live in the time of absolute paralyzing fear of being politically incorrect
We can no longer refer to anyone as having just "AIDS", it has to be HIV, the virus that causes AIDS...
It's never been "you have paramyxovirus, the virus that causes mumps", it's just "mumps", end of discussion

Comment More Regulation! Or Not? (Score 1) 190

Keep in mind that job creators - and the GOP oligarchy in general - decry anytime someone wants to add "regulations" (aka cost) to an industry or product. It just gives more fuel to the off-shored fodder types.
As far as getting the globe to agree on "being nice", well as soon as human trafficking goes away, I'll believe it. Till then, the reality is nobody needs a camera in their toaster, fridge or Amazon echo.... Or if you think you want one, you need your head examined.
Till consumers decide privacy is a basic human right, is important and stop posting every silly pointless thought and picture on social media- this will only get worse.

Comment Depends on who funds the study. (Score 1) 192

Contrary to the claim in this "study", articles have been coming out over the past 6 years or so claiming just the opposite.
I guess results depend on who is funding the study.Also, I'm sure there's zero bias from the AMA.either way on this topic
another from 2013:

Yet another from 2013

Comment Use an old smartphone (Score 1) 310

I have a 2010 Prius with navigation. Updates are $200 a pop, released once a year or so. I've always thought it was silly to have a table like interface in a car. I never gets updated. Since everyone already has a smart phone or tablet, why not just have an app that links the car and performs all the same options as that silly, buggy touch screen (read about Fords mess). Entertainment, HVAC, all those options could be controlled on the smartphone and just build a mount rather than an obsolete when sold display.

Comment Plenty of beginning language choice (Score 1) 370

You can Power Shell right out of the box in Windows. .NET framework has a free IDE or you can text it, or at least did not long ago... Then there are literally dozens open source interpreters you can install and code on. So I'm not sure what she's lamenting. Perhaps motivation?

Comment zero till the feds change it (Score 1) 255

There won't be any real progress till it's decriminalized at the federal level. Till then, banks won't get involved fearing account forfeitures and asset freezing - which can happen any time. Once it it's decriminalized however, there will be enormous and swift changes. Big tobacco will swoop in with billions and develop the supply chain, profit and squeeze out or buy up local growers and dispensaries.

Comment Re:Bottom line... (Score 3, Insightful) 184

Thinking just about personal information is way too simplistic. Think about corporations throwing IoT everywhere without a second inclination towards security. Step forward into a cyberattack where all those devices have cooling disabled and increase power consumption to break the device or start fires. We’re looking at a catastrophic loss of infrastructure not just the North Koreans knowing John Smith takes Viagra.

Comment Re:wrong measurement (Score 1) 233

We have this now, Seattle has expedited lanes that charge fees that increase as traffic slows. It can cost $10 for a couple of miles in the expedited lanes while general traffic lanes sit bumper to bumper on interstates..
If you don't think America is all about pay to play, then you've not lived here long. Housing, education, health care, legal representation are all examples where people pay more for better treatment.

Comment wrong measurement (Score 1) 233

The real time savings will be seen in reduced commute times.
Less human errors, faster route and accident avoidance computations, increased speed on currently deadlocked roads - will all factor into less actual in the car time which WILL increase productivity.
Morning commutes from Everett to Seattle (30 miles) frequently require 1 - 2 hours per way. Accidents create hour + long traffic jams. Removing people from the equation once the "autonomous" piece is working will greatly alleviate traffic problems and greatly increase existing infrastructure capacity. Thus saving capital investments and time. There's the savings.

Comment maybe.... (Score 1) 400

Let's start with the point that "45% use the aforementioned digital concierges"... use and useful are two different standards. I have both an android and Iphone. The degree to which digital assistants are useful is not measurable. Speech recognition is too slow and error prone, it doen't interact with apps in a useful way, and tends to be more of a pain then it's worth - but yes, I try and do things with them once in a while just to reinvigorate my frustration with them.

Let's do a mental experiment - so you displace 30% of all workers... who's left with actual income to purchase the goods or services these robots provide?
With fewer and fewer able to pay, how do you cost justify the expense?
As the multitudes on public assistance swells due to all the displaced workers, how do you fund Governmental budgets?
Either globally the entire financial eco system evolves to socialism, or it collapses.

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