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Submission + - Saturn's Moon Dione May Have Ocean (upi.com)

seven of five writes: According to astronomers with the Royal Observatory of Belgium, Dione's icy surface is floating on an ocean lying 62 miles beneath the surface. Data suggest the ocean is a few dozen miles deep. Scientists believe Dione's ocean has likely been around for the entirety of the moon's existence, offering plenty of time for the development of microbial life. The ocean is too deep to access, but scientists are hopeful that the moon ejects ocean spray through polar geysers like Saturn's other liquid-logged moons, Titan and Enceladus.

Comment Obvious Solution (Score 1) 428

In times of serious emergency, Uber could gain considerable goodwill if they'd offer rides for no/heavily reduced fares. The driver would receive bonus pay and the passenger would get a reduced-fare lift. I mean, these events are rare, it's an opportunity to not fuck people over. They'd gain customers and make the drivers proud.

Act like the US healthcare system, but in reverse.

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