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Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 120

There were situations where my daughter would be FaceTiming and the others would be streaming on the 4K TVs and they'd start screaming at each other about hogging the bandwidth

If you had consistent 1000 Mbps service, this wouldn't be true unless there are two dozen people counted in "the others".

Comment Re: Touch Bar Escape Key? (Score 1) 328

The upper left corner of the screen is a terrible place for the ESC key for software that uses it a lot,

Software that uses a dedicated, isolated, important key a lot is terrible.

Escape is the key that stands alone. It's special, in the corner all by itself. It's there when you need it, and it's nearly impossible to fat finger it and hit the wrong key. If you need a meta or control key, use one of those. Escape is a functional key and should be used for a very small set of dedicated functions, such as terminating shit.

If you've got a list of 50 combos and sequences involving the escape key, fuck you. CTRL, META/ALT, SHIFT, etc. are there for that purpose. You even have the new meta key (that doesn't seem to have a standardized name beyond "Windows" key since it's usually got the Windows logo on it) if you need more options. In fact, many of you using Escape in your text editor of choice can and should switch to a different key just a few inches away.

Comment Re:Google should buy their own poles (Score 2) 94

> They have enough money,

No, they don't.

Today it would cost trillions in construction, labor, parts, assessments, lobbyists, bribes, etc. to build a new network of utility poles/pipes/conduit/etc. rivaling what the entrenched telecoms have near-exclusive access to.

Comment Fuck Slashdot Subdomains (Score 0) 136

Edge: 4
Chrome: 2
Firefox: 2

Cue the bitching about the individual tests Edge won not being relevant.

Then cue the only opinion that matters: Sites are bloated with trash scripts, ads, tracking, etc. and this performance race would be pointless if sites were designed in a sane manner.

Fuck Slashdot's subdomains. I lost FP because I had to reload the page and redo my comment since I wasn't logged into or whatever the fuck (because I only allow cookies on

Comment Re:How? (Score 5, Insightful) 85

I've been a happy Note owner for years, 3 different versions but when the specs on the Note 7 came out I saw it as a loser, too thin, too little battery life and I have to use mine on many flights. I've now had to show multiple flight attendants and gate agents that "no, this is a Note 6, not a Note 7." Sorry, next upgrade will be an LG for me and the Note is dead to me.

Nice try, troll.
There is no Samsung Galaxy Note 6. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7's predecessor was the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
Samsung skipped version 6 in order to align the S line and the Note line. Previously, the S line (as in Samsung Galaxy S7 and its variants) was one version ahead of the Note.

Comment Re:It's not the FWD that are the real problem (Score 4, Interesting) 136

And auto-opening doors in general... just how fucking lazy do you have to be that opening your own car door is more effort than you're willing to exert?

It's not about laziness, it's about impotence.
Cars that auto open, or have door handles that pop out in your presence, are a sexual thing. The car is presenting to you.

Comment Re:Found the Windows user! (Score 2) 328

What we need is a render target, where CSS can say "render this shit as 16x9, 1920x1080", and then the browser can obey (or tweak), and then scale.
So if you use pixel scaling (and in many cases you still need to) it'll still work.

The way it works now is all backwards. You specify targets and sizes and create different rules for each. Then you have dozens of sets of CSS and it's a mess to maintain and test. It almost makes sense for the handful of non-screen media types that no one deals with, but not really.

Just flip it around. Make the CSS tell the browser what the page should look, as intended. Stop using CSS to try to catch dozens of common resolutions (while making a mess of anything in between should a user not maximize). Specify a ratio and let the browser (or user!) decide to rotate, zoom, scale, pan, or whatever. Specifying a res also handles enables full pixel-based scaling and positioning in your layout, the only issue will be possible rounding errors after scaling. I believe HTML 5's canvas shit already works on a similar principle.

All the big sites already shit on convention by making the page scroll endlessly, moving content around when a user scrolls to create stupid effects, etc.

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