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Comment Re:Reduced OS for short term gains. (Score 1) 56

By the time 95 came out Desktop PC's were powerful enough to run the Big Boy OS's however we were stuck on the legacy systems for compatibility for over a decade.

I have never been stuck on MS-Windows. And even some few unlucky person dependent on specific proprietary software were stuck only for about 4 years until VMware Workstation came out (and then QEMU came out in 2003).

Comment as long as I can buy the media online (Score 1) 62

I had to ("had to") pirate several medias in my life as there is no way to buy them playable on a Free device (that is no DRM) and additionally to buy them electronically as I do not have any optical drive and I refuse to deal with the physical media anyway when there is the easy internet transport available. But OK, I won't watch any copyrighted media next time, as you wish.

Comment Re:Who wants this? (Score 1) 153

I never had that Flash crap from those Adobe turds on my machine. This is why I noticed the YouTube upload adjustments do not work. And the only reasons I have seen YouTube upload is that WebM/VP9 is boycotted by Apple to keep their sheeps paying for everything, including licenses for the MPEG idiocy - and obviously I refuse to host the MPEG shit myself on my servers.

Comment Re:All your attention are belong to us (Score 1) 156

Android compared to a mix of GEOS (Nokia Communicators) or Maemo (Nokia N900). GEOS did not have/require a touchscreen, everything was controllable by hardware QWERTY. Maemo had normal UNIX prompt. Just both OSes have no longer competitive hardware (which is a pain as I still use N900 - together with Android).

Comment Are the Google campus streets a private propery? (Score 1) 80

Several years ago I was at some meeting in one of the Google buildings. During some lunch time (on a weekend) I was walking through the streets in Google campus looking around and at other (closed) buildings, just curious. And some Google security guard stopped me I must return back to that my meeting building. May the guard do that? Are the streets there really a Google private propery? There was no gate to enter the Google campus and I was looking like a normal geek.

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