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Comment first (Score 0, Flamebait) 382

Too much gets said about how great electrically powered vehicles are, but they're only zero emission at point o suse. Not enough gets said about where the electricity to charge those batteries comes from - unless it's wind/solar/wave, then it's actually quite a lot of emissions in the overall system.

Comment Benefits (Score 1) 197

Stuff I've gotten from conferences I've attended over the last few years (in no particular order) - Learned stuff from good quality presenters - Learned how to do good presentation using PowerPoint, instead of usual Death By PPT (the speakers/experts at the conferences I've gone to have been very good both technically and as presenters) - Picked up a few shiny things from trade stands alongside the main conference - Free beer and food at post conference networking sessions - Chance to travel to new places, and try to fit in a bit of exploration I don't think you'll ever go to a conference where every last minute is of value to you, but there should be some things that you can take away and get benefit from after the conference. The big challenge is trying to express that with some form of tangibleness so that you can persuade your boss to pay for your fees, travel, accommodation, etc.

Comment Re:that cant be right (Score 1) 126

We view everything in the past and describe it as if we saw it in real time. Only difference is, the light from the tree falling in front of me only took 20 nanoseconds to reach my eyes. Still, I just say "that tree just fell", not "that tree fell 20 nanoseconds ago and I just witnessed it now"

If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is around to see it, does it emit photons?

Comment Re:VTOL planes a/k/a Widowmakers (Score 2) 135

I'm aware of issues with the Osprey, but I'm not so sure you can tar the Harrier with the same brush. Yes. that aircraft has been responsible for a number of deaths, but the casualties weren't in the Harriers - they were in the other (e.g. Argentine) planes that the Harriers were shooting at.

Comment Who's in control? (Score 0) 192

I thought that self-driving cars still had to have a "driver" in them, ready to take control in the event of of an incident. Are these Uber cars going to come with an Uber "driver", or is the passenger expected to take over when* that incident happens?

What if that passenger does not hold a licence, or is not fit to drive through intoxication? Does the passenger get some sort of discount because they might be expected to step in and do a bit of driving?

* note 'when', not 'if'

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