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Comment Re:Basic Ethics and the Law (Score 1) 365

I realy dont care how the pedestrians got their they are in a roadway in front of a moving car. Regardless of legality this is not a place they should be generally. You dont step into a crosswalk till a car is stopping etc. In every singe case any reasonable person will optimize for their own life and that off loved ones. That all said your looking at it as to much of a binary will I take light to moderate injury risks to avoid a fatality sure. I'll take a ton of property damage over an injury. I do not expect a computer to be able to make marginal decisions like hit the driver or hit the kids in the second row when a minivans pulls out in a snowstorm like an idiot (hit the parent hopefully the other parent is smarter).

Frankly optimizing the survive ability of the occupants is the only reasonable thing the car can do. Inputs are imperfect etc etc so the only reasonable thing to do is keep the occupants safe.

To the sued out of existence for doing so? Ya think the Mercedes owners wont do the same if the car intentionally injured/killed the occupant rather than hit a pedestrian like say a deer. Statistically that the most common thing your going to hit, roughly 1 million vs 65k in the US or do you expect some magical sensors to reliably determine the difference? Similar weight warm blooded etc etc.

Comment Re:What part of this is hard to understand? (Score 2) 181

Yea I do build networks as part of my living. If your ISP network has congestion save for dedicated last mile connections it's built and maintained poorly. A point of NN is to prevent them from ignoring connections the classic Comcast L3 were just going to let these saturate and not do anything about it. It's critically important that the comcast pay us for access to our eyeballs is not allowed to become the way things work. Not when comcast gets an artificial government enfoced monopoly.

QOS only solves things when bandwidth constrained. Last I knew tier 1's are not running qos on their transit links but been a few years since I would know that for sure. So your still going to get packet loss. If you make it realy work watch all the DDOS's all start looking like VoIP traffic and making it useless soon enough.

Mind you I would love to be able to program my transit providers QoS but I dont want them doing it for me defiantly not on monopoly last mile links.

Comment Re:What part of this is hard to understand? (Score 4, Insightful) 181

Basic prioritization is get more bandwidth. NN laws need to be coupled with a requirement to grow the network to support peek demand, preferably with forecasting. QOS is great for constrained systems. Bandwidth is cheap at this point stop acting like it's a massive expense. There are also plenty of programs to make it cheaper netflix coloing cache servers at head ends for example. But for it to be truly neutral their internet connections and most importantly transit links must not be saturated.

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