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Comment Re: Backups? (Score 1) 131

A single copy that's overwritten ever time it's run is not a backup of any nature it's a copy.

Why would evidence be stored on an internet accessible or even online thing. Computer forensics 101 is get the drive cloned, bagged, tagged, and stored all other digital evidence should be the same. How they can fail as such basic levels of evidence preservation is astounding. Realy anything not on a write-once medium since the time it was collected should be suspect.

Comment Re: Great! (Score 3, Informative) 232

For these large drives you really want something like snap raid for their use cases. Large media stores backups and other bulky and rarely changing datasets are perfect for it. Not to mention that since data on any single drive is coherent you can loose more than parity can correct and still only lose the files with errors blocks or the content of that one drive were it to completely fail.

Right now using 8tb drives as it's the best price per gb.

Comment Re:Education should be free (Score 1) 537

It's the US bad stats like see kids from impoverished neighborhoods are underrepresented much be racists policies not that their local school are not preparing them for college. People will with a straight face tell you math tests a racially biased. Our current system has massive false equalities to soothe people's perceived inequalities. Or chances of having free college on merit alone are pretty slim. Lets not even start on kids moving out of school far earlier than the end of HS via shifting to trade school programs.

Comment Re:Just my 2c (Score 1) 161

Oddy they already have a tool for this it's called a microphone. I've ridden in the front seat of an ambulance in city traffic it's a mix of people that are unsure where to go like taking a left-hand turn through a red to let and ambulance behind him through. I don't see this solving that. I watched as a traffic cop made us stop, the crew in the backhoe made room and let us through while yelling at the cop. That's all on a single ambulance run with full lights and sirens.

Other simple things can help like lights that respond to ambulances (easy to hack BTW) but political turf wars stop ambulances from getting access.

Comment Re:Personal IoT Standard (Score 1) 196

Yea because it's easy to guess some randomly generated SSID and wpa2 key? Noticing another AP with the same SSID is also pretty trivial.

There is only so far you can go to help existing crap devices. By nature it will be an M&M fix putting a smarter box in front and hoping nobody breaks the shell.

If your looking for a standard for new gear to comply with then you can add endpoint validation etc.

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