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Comment Re:Linkedin took the bird in hand (Score 1) 64

The problem is that this might mean that the deal is impossible to complete. If the buyer's stock drops too low then they may not ever be able give the amount of stock, or it could end up being 100% of the buyer, which they probably can't agree to. It's too difficult and complex a deal to manage to pull off that I don't think anyone would take it seriously.

Comment Re:Er...how? (Score 4, Informative) 368

They weren't afraid of damaging the drones, they were afraid of the drones crashing the planes dropping the water. The air dropping planes end up flying rather low to avoid dispersing the water too far since the heat in the fire is enough to otherwise boil it off before it hits the ground, making it roughly useless in that case. Since the drones are flying high enough that they could hit the planes or end up in the jets there's a real risk of a crash which isn't going to help anybody at all.

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