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Comment Re:The foxes own the hen house (Score 2) 79

so the real question is whether such people needs to be protected? imo no.

As experts, we need to make informed decisions with greater public good in mind. Just like doctors and asbestos. The alternative is abnormal behavior gets normalized and security-conscious and privacy-aware choices are removed based on false consensus.

Comment Re:Virtual public spaces (Score 1) 427

Arguably, there are no free bastions of speech online;

As for "freedom of speech", none of these platforms are even obligated to offer free speech;

So what happens when most or all of out speech is online? Is censorship is any less of a censorship when it originates from a naturally monopolistic corporation instead of a government?

Comment There is no escape! (Score 2, Funny) 521

Apple listened to consumer concerns that complained that escape key had negative connotations and often triggered traumatic memories of entrapment and escape and male dominance. Therefore, to show its progressive stance ESC and Power keys were permanently removed. Instead, they were replaced with a single Sympathy key that does nothing.

Comment Re:Virtual public spaces (Score 1) 427

No it isn't. Corporations are not people and have no rights or agendas. It is people behind these corporations that drive this agenda, and in democratic societies it is important that all people had equal say in the process. It is called oligarchy when CEO billionaires have all the say due to money and ownership of the media and social media.

Comment Re:Silicon Valley culture of cowboy design (Score 1) 136

You could fix and patch software. So for example if your auto-pilot was discovered to have unfortunate tendency to decapitate passengers you could eventually fix this. Not so much when your hardware fails due to defects. I don't have first-hand knowledge of this, but read many reports of hinges, suspension components and so on failing. Considering that all-electric car mechanically much simpler than gasoline or hybrid, such lack of reliability is surprising.

Comment Virtual public spaces (Score 5, Insightful) 427

This illustrates the problem of virtual public spaces and real danger to freedom of speech and association that comes with digitization of all means of communications. Currently, FB and Twitter are free to censor political speech and push political agenda. You could argue that in 2016 as a politician you are effectively censored if you don't have access to FB and Twitter. This shouldn't be the case, insofar politics these should be considered virtual public spaces and any censorship of this kind should be disallowed.

Comment Re:DGW - Dinosaurogenic Global Warming (Score 5, Insightful) 354

This would be very valid criticism of a theoretical climate model that would predict that it would get there and stay there. Instead, all recognized models suggest that we get there quickly and keep going.

A car analogy. You see a sign "end of the road, cliff drop ahead". You step on the accelerator and say to your passengers "No worries, I walked past this sign and there is no cliff there right away". Do you have enough time to brake? Who knows, but I'd want you to pull over so I could get out right away. Unfortunately, we are all in the same car.

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