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Comment Re:That much demand for being lied to? (Score 2) 202

If you hire companies to 'tell you what you want to hear', you have nobody to blame but yourself.

I don't think you quite get it. This is invaluable optimization method of CEO compensation package maximization. Think of all the efficiencies gained in CEO's self-serving process. Countless hours saved, and at the going CEO hourly rate IRR is more than justifies this service.

Comment Globalization vs. Protectionism (Score 4, Interesting) 202

We were told that globalization is the future, it will increase our prosperity and so on. After decades of this most consumer goods are very cheap and very poorly made. All salaries stagnated. At the same time a whole bunch of folks are out of jobs and can't afford to buy food.

Now we are trying protectionism. Consumer good are still relatively cheap but the jobs are gradually coming back. Salaries ticked up for the first time since 90s.

So could someone explain to me why we hate protectionism?

Comment Re:What is an OS? (Score 1) 128

Maybe a virtual machine running on a kernel running on a hypervisor? It's kernels all the way down...

The real programmers manually load their boot loader that they personally wrote in assembly on every reboot, and like it!

Comment Re:"the kernel is called Magenta." (Score 0) 128

Replacing Linux with a home-rolled kernel?

Yes and at present it is closed source.

I am NOT an open source ideologue, however, with Google closed source kernel could only mean that snooping is baked-in at the kernel level. They are not in business of selling OS, so I couldn't think of any other reason to close source it.

They should have named this kernel Tom, as in Peeping Tom.

Comment The future of IoT is bloatware (Score 3, Informative) 21

The future of IoT and smart consumer electronics is bloatware. Sure, security or lack of thereof is in the headlines right now. This technical issue will be solved. However, bloatware like this app is here to stay. Manufacturers will be paid to install apps like these and they will spy on you for profit.

My prediction is that in a year or so you won't be able to buy a TV without this crap installed.

Comment Re:The US is screwed (Score 5, Informative) 660

As someone who worked on NIH in the past, this is not true. When you write grant application, you can specify salary ranges. They do set caps based on education/experience, but that only applies to researchers. $45k/year if I recall correctly is the lowest bracket, intended for summer internships and such. Someone with PhD and/or 10 years can get up to $120K or so.

Clearly, someone dropped the ball writing grant application.

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