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Comment Re:Y'know... Actually... (Score 3, Informative) 680

Trees and plants only grow faster if we aren't also cutting them down all over the globe (and in many cases they are just burning the wood, which creates even more CO2).

Nature's ability to rebound is severely limited when we are attacking it from every possible angle (air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, soil-exhaustion, pesticides, etc).

The earth may be a big place, with lots of hidden stabilizers, but humans are an even larger and more destabilizing force

Comment Records (Score 1) 117

I can see it now, this is going to turn out just like the federal seizure database

California is going to put all this data into the system, and 10 years from now, someone is going to ask "how many people have been killed by police so far?", and the police are going to say "We don't know, because it would crash the system if we tried to look it up".

Comment Re:A completely neophyte non-hacker... (Score 2) 53

Its easier than that.

Just grab a phone out of one of those recycling bins they have at some electrics stores, and call 911 (all phones can call 911, even if not activated). You don't even have to talk, just make muffled sounds, and the police will eventually show up.

The police don't even need to have a stingray, they already know where the phone is though e-911

Comment Re:Goodbye Quality (Score 1) 69

Replacing the micro-switches wouldn't be such a problem if Logitech didn't act like the shape of the human hand changes every few years.

The MX 510 and MX 518 were legendary, and people still rebuild old ones, yet Logitech doesn't produce them anymore, and the new ones are a different shape.

It also doesn't help that their mice only come in two categories: cheap and basic, or "lets cover the entire mouse in buttons"

Comment Re:Goodbye Quality (Score 1) 69

I think they were referring to joysticks, which is what saitek makes.

Joysticks use atleast 2 pots, with up to 6 pots on the HOTAS joysticks, and the quality of the pots is a huge part of the quality of the joystick.

You could build the most comfortable and durable joystick ever, and it would still be crap if the pots have a dead zone a mile wide and drift like a leaf on the breeze.

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