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Comment Re: then go somewhere else (Score 1) 426

My guess is that Uber won't want to sink without a fight. They might even become desperate enough to pay a living wage and find a way to make it work. In the end, the market abhors a vacuum. Someone would come along paying a living wage and filling the void. So long as there's a void to fill.

One way to balance the negotiation would be the UBI. Give people enough that they can walk away from a bad deal and the deals will get better fast.

Comment Re: then go somewhere else (Score 1) 426

UBI is fine by me. A gig economy would be just fine as long as the UBI was covering at least the basic cost of living.

But we don't have the UBI now, and so the gig economy isn't supportable. One or the other condition must go.

Right now, it seems more likely that the Troglodytes running things will impose some limits on the gig economy (if only because of bribes) than they are to implement UBI.

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