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Comment May not be as exciting as it seems (Score 1) 57

The PS4/PC cross-play in Rocket League just means that you randomly get some PC players in the mix. Not only isn't their cross-platform voice chat, there isn't even the ability to group up with friends on the other platform. It is a good thing anyway because it means more players in the community, but if this is all we get with PS4/Xbone cross-play, it's not something to get terribly excited about.

Comment It's not universally the case, but... (Score 1) 362

It's certainly true that many games have dropped local split-screen coop, but then you have World of Keflings, which rightly adds local split-screen coop, something the original (A Kingdom of Keflings) should have had. So it's not all going the wrong direction. Racing games typically have split-screen, some better then others (I believe Blur has 4-player split screen, and of course Mario Kart Wii has 4-layer split-screen, as does Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing). So there's games out there that have it. What's missing from many of *those* though, is the ability to play online with multiple local players. Mario Kart Wii has it (albeit 2 players only). Thankfully Bomberman Live Battlefest (and it's previous version) has this feature in all it's glory, but most games do not. We ought to be getting the best of both worlds. Split-screen (or shared-screen) local players playing online together.

Comment We have DSL (Score 1) 611

And we aren't even close to this spec. I think I measured it at 2.6 Mbps or some such number, downstream. Upstream doesn't even break 1 Mbps. However, it seems pretty fast to me. It is true that the Xbox 360 does some hiccuping with HD video streams (Netflix and ESPN 3), though, so perhaps that's part of the definition. I do want to get FiOS, but as far as just normal use of the internet, the DSL connection seems pretty fast, and it's $20 less per month. Thus the waffling on getting FiOS.

Comment Of course they will say that (Score 1) 303

Of course they will say it's not going to happen until 2012. Why would they want to jeopardize any sales they might otherwise get this year and early next? If they announce that Wii 2 is coming in 2011, then fewer people will buy Wii 1 this year and early next. And any case, if sales are way off for Nintendo this holiday, you can bet they will fast track the Wii 2.

Comment Why not the Corolla? (Score 3, Insightful) 243

I can see value in an EV mini-SUV-ish thing, but I'd rather have an EV Corolla. Basic, light, low wind-resistance transportation. I just need something to get me to and from the train station and occasionally all the way to work and back. Anyway, I don't really envision being able to buy one until the prices come down. I presume this is going to be another $40k+ monstrosity. I hope it succeeds wildly, though, and helps drive prices way down.

Comment My Mom fell for one of these, but on a Mac (Score 1) 272

However, she is on a Mac, so I *presume* she is safe, except for her credit card number, which she did enter in order to buy the software. I told her to cancel her credit card and she did that and they issued her a new one. It is correct that she has no worries from the downloaded software, right? These things are always Windows-only, right? Just want to make absolutely sure. Or is there some way for them to hack her account given that she provided a credit card, and probably address and such?

Comment Re:Gluttons for abuse (Score 1) 299

Well, yes I agree... except that for those of use who've gone and jailbroken their iphones... now we (or at least many of us) find it hard to live without the jailbreak. I wish Apple would be forced (I can't reasonably expect them to choose) to allow Cydia in the App Store. But... I'm not disagreeing with you, because I love my iPhone even without the jailbreak and I bought it with no expectation of jailbreaking it. I just love it now even more with the Jailbreak... and so I anxiously await the release of a Shatter-based jailbreak so I can upgrade to 4.1 finally. And, moreover, its unlikely I'd buy a new iOS device if I didn't know that it could be jailbroken. It does create a dilemma....

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