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Comment There's no reason for twitter to exist (Score 1) 87

Remember life before the iPhone (and before android copied the iphone)? Your cell phone (if you had one!) had a 10 number buttons with 3 letters on them. Texting meant pressing the number keys 1-3 times to select a letter. It sucked. Anyhow, twitter started as a web interface to text messaging. Hooray, read and send text message from a computer! Of course, sending text messages has been a solved problem for a decade now so there's no reason for twitter to exist.

Comment I don't like my Tesla Model X (Score 0, Troll) 136

My father gifted me a Tesla Model X upon attainment, and in celebration, of my high school graduation. I returned it three weeks later and purchased a Range Rover in its place. Though Consumer Reports has enumerated numerous quality flaws, the most glaring was the new car smell, dubbed Elon Musk. It was a mixture of farts and old spice with perhaps a hint of leather and coriander. The dealer insisted it was supposed to smell that way and even offered to "re-musk" it for me.

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