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Comment Hurray for QC (Score 1) 202

I can't believe they ordered some cheap Chinese crap battery that explodes like something you'd get on ebay and stuck it in one of the premiere, top quality phones. They will now forever be associated with cheap Chinese parts. I'm sure that's totally worth all the money they saved on battery production.

Comment is it just me... (Score 1) 66

or does it seem like Apple just doesn't give a crap in general anymore? All their designs are lazy and their product launches have been unpopular. Then their services get hacked every other day their "new" macbooks are 4 years old, and I've heard reports that their customer service on the phone isn't as helpful as it used to be.

Comment not a single shot (Score 1) 644

A shotgun fires "shot" as in plural. 2 3/4" #4 buckshot typically has 27 shots in it. So she quite literally did not shoot it down with "1 shot" and I don't mean that as a play on words. It's just headline bait garbage. A chimpanzee could have shot down that drone if you have him a wide-spread shotgun.

Comment Apple is the devil (Score 0, Flamebait) 212

So Ireland is ordered to take over a 1 billion Euros in free money from one of the worst companies on the planet, not to mention one of the richest, and they said no? That's logical. I'll take the money if they don't want it. I'm 1/8 Irish.
Btw, Apple is sitting on something like 40 billion USD liquid cash and they REFUSE to use it to improve screen shatter chance or work conditions at their factories. Releasing a known defective product and lying about labor, basically having slave labor, etc is unbelievable considering the money they make. They should be brought up on something equivalent to international war crimes for the treatment of their labor force and the constant lies to cover it up.

Comment I did this (Score 1) 193

I was the head IT manager at a 200 person company and for budget and workload reasons I worked salary 25 hours for 50% pay. I also own a computer repair store that's open for 26 hours so that worked nicely but if I was married with kids or had a side job like ebay resale, it'd be great. I'd say it worked perfectly and if I had to go in when I wasn't scheduled to work, it wasn't midnight, it was more like 3:00 PM.

Comment logical fallacy (Score 2) 157

I love the stupid pro-eco hipster logic on saving energy. Should 50 million people drastically change how they live to save every little bit of energy and have their lifestyles affected on a daily basis
Should someone build a solar/wind/wave/whatever power plant and then 50 million people can do whatever the hell they want. Which one is easier and more reasonable to implement?

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