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Comment Re:Slapping time (Score 1) 544

Wikileaks can so totally not be trusted in controversial cases.
But they do have some interesting articles about Dr. Ignatio Semmelweiss and Dr. Barry Marshall who also were treated absolutely disgustingly wrong by the medical establishment. I would have expected some more humility from the medical 'artists' in treating dissenting opinions...

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 544

Professional liability comes into play when the professional is actually practising its profession, not when they are just blattering on social media. Nobody is paying them, nor are they actually treating anyone during those activities.
So for me it's a matter of freedom of opinion.

Comment Re:Better Solution (Score 1) 544

Can you be any more desperate that the only reply you can come up with is some stupid abusive comment, instead of giving one, just one reference to a randomly placebo controlled double blind study of sufficient epidemiological size that proves the point that you seem to believe so much in, i.e. that vaccines are 100% safe and effective?
I thought so...

Comment Re:Freedom of speech does not apply (Score 1) 544

Calm down man, this is about nurses talking on social media, not malpracticing in the clinic where they work. There is no proof that vaccination is 100% effective and 100% safe, so there is room for a dissenting opinion, the expression of which should be free.

Comment Re:Is that all (Score 1) 544

The fact of the matter is that the incidence of those terrible contagious diseases was already drastically decreasing before vaccinations were introduced, caused by better hygienic, nutritional and medical conditions. After (sometimes even forced) introduction of vaccination in some cities, the practice was soon abandoned as it became clear that vaccination only led to more deaths. Yes, I'm not kidding.
Your last part is spot on. A randomly placebo controlled double blind trial to prove the efficacy and safety of vaccines has never been carried out, so there isn't even proof that that assumption is correct.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 544

The astronaut could have had a nice job, paid by the roman catholic church at the time of Galileo, the biologist might even currently find a well-paid job at a extreme christian university and the surgeon had a good job in the time of Dr. Semmelweiss, killing 50% of the women delivering a baby in his clinic, while Semmelweiss had already proven that simply washing your hands could have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of care seeking women.
This actually means there is a time for everything, and not at the least for humility in the medical establishment with respect to dissenting views.

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