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Comment Re: Well, no shit! (Score 1) 328

I feel like Apple is abandoning their pro userbase and just focusing on consumer products - it's going to start a death spiral for Apple in the long term. The pro users (like us slashdot crowd) while a small portion of the market are actually the most valuable as they are the same people who recommend their products to everyone else. I suspect it won't be long before someone else steps in and builds pro machines, and massive success from the consumer market will follow. Probably google is the company with the technology and finances to pull it off.

Comment Re:node (Score 2) 133

When developing for the front-end, you only have one option in the browser, JavaScript (besides languages which compile down to JavaScript). A lot of developers like using nodejs so they can use the same language on the backend as on the front. Personally I prefer Python on the backend, but I've started using nodejs as it makes things easier to only use one language.

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