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Comment Re:There is more to life than "productivity" (Score 1) 137

Then you work for the wrong companies (or in the wrong industry entirely). I'm also an above average performer in my skill areas and if someone followed me around tracking everything I did, it would look like I'm slacking too, but my employer doesn't do that. They leave me alone to work or use my time as I see fit with the understanding that I get the things done that I need to and that I'll be there prepared & on time when I need to be. Unless an employee consistently logs less than 40hrs, they'll only start looking at charged vs logged time and how someone uses their computers if they aren't performing and that's mostly just in the worst cases to help identify what people can do to improve. The company can and will eventually use misuse of resources, tardiness or mis-logged time as cause to fire someone if they ignore their manager and continue to not produce at a reasonable level, but in that case they should be fired.

Comment Re:There is more to life than "productivity" (Score 1) 137

That's the kind of bullshit that causes companies to implement these Orwellian surveillance and control mechanisms.

You're right that hours on the job aren't what matter to the bottom line for the company, but in many cases it is extremely difficult or impossible to create a fair performance based compensation scheme that doesn't cause conflicts of interest. All you're doing by trying to get away with the minimum instead of just doing your job, is promoting greater levels of tracking and control to ensure that lazy bastards like you stay on task and generate some value in return for pay. If it wasn't for you and those like you, the rest of us could establish a relationship based on mutual trust with our employers that benefits all with greater flexibility and minimal restrictions.

Comment Re:How are they doing this? (Score 1) 57

I was okay with binge-on since it was no cost and offered benefits for both the wireless subscriber and T-Mobile. This is crossing the line whether it's about net neutrality or just value go the customer.

At least they aren't killing the grandfathered unlimited plans ... yet. That's when they're guaranteed to lose me as a customer

Submission + - Elio Motors Locks-in $7300 Base Price For Their Ultra-Efficient 3-Wheel Car (

slinches writes: Elio Motors has locked in the base price of $7300 for non-refundable reservation holders for their 84mpg 3-wheel "autocycle". Reservations can be made for as little as $100 or as much as $1000 with higher values getting priority delivery when they go into production. The price is above the $6800 target that had been quoted for the last few years, but those who are willing to make a binding commitment to purchase a vehicle can sign an additional online form to knock their price back down to $7000. The locked-in prices will be available until they reach a total of 65,000 reservations (~57,000 have been made to date).

The startup car company is attempting to disrupt the auto industry by producing an efficient, affordable vehicle similar to what VW did with the $1699 Beetle in 1968, but at an even more affordable price (the Beetle cost $11,768 in 2016 dollars)

The vehicle itself, while technically a motorcycle under federal law, is controlled like a car with a steering wheel and pedals. Most states have enacted legislation exempting such vehicles from the extra license endorsements or helmet requirements that motorcycles and trikes normally need. Standard features of the base model include an enclosed cabin with A/C, heat, cruise control and power windows & door lock.

Comment Re:$37,584.00 (Score 2) 177

It really is like your personal budgeting, except access to loans is quite a bit easier.

What Tesla is doing is borrowing money to invest in product development and increased production capacity. It looks like a loss on the books because they are currently spending more money on expansion than they are selling in product. But this occurs fairly frequently in healthy rapid growth companies where demand for their product greatly exceeds their ability to supply it. The idea is that as the production rates grow, the revenues will eventually overtake the investment costs and will ultimately generate similar or larger returns faster than by limiting growth to what can be achieved solely by reinvesting profits.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

There is a vehicle in the works that will sell new for well under $10k: The Elio

It's anticipated base price is $6800, gets 84mpg hwy and has power door lock & AC/heat standard. They are currently building 23 engineering units for validation testing (safety, handling, ABS & PCM calibration, etc.) and plan to start full scale production in the second half of 2017.

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