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Comment Former fansubber here (Score 4, Interesting) 137

Back in the pre-digital days, I was part of a fansubbing group called Lupin Gang Anime. These days, I capture laserdiscs of the many titles that have never been reissued on DVD or better (https://www.otakubell.com/)

I will continue to capture these endangered titles and put them on the internet. I will continue to do my best to preserve these titles from being lost. The only way I will stop is if I am locked up. Given the choice between following the law and doing what's right, I'll chose the later.

Comment My VPN has no information. (Score 4, Interesting) 141

What's to stop the VPN from selling your information to the highest bidder? The fact that my VPN of choice, Mullvad, collects no information.

You click "create account," they give you an account number, and that's the end. They don't ask for your name, address, phone number, or anything. I pay via Bitcoin, so they don't even have my credit card info.

Comment Opera is NOT sane. (Score 5, Insightful) 766

>Opera was sane: it did not reload a tab unless you asked for it. It just reopened everything from cache

No. That is NOT sane, normal, or desired.

Webpages are live. If I want to look at a chached version, I'll save the webpage locally. If I'm pointing a browser at an address, I expect a current webpage. If it takes all of three seconds to give me that, I think that's okay.

Comment Re:BlackBerry's errors (Score 1) 78

6. Unrootable Priv.

I would have purchased it on release day had it simply been rootable. Instead, they bent over backwards to make sure it can NEVER be rootable. Sorry, that's a hard fail for me. If you can't root the phone, you can never properly secure the phone. Relying on a third party for your security is a recipe for disaster.

Comment Here's what I know... (Score 4, Interesting) 134

I know that I have been sitting behind a computer screen for about 30 years of my life, and that now I suffer from chronic back pain. So, at home I switched to a standing desk, and at least on the weekends I have some relief.

I'll stop by in another 30 years and let you know how I've made out.

Comment Xprivacy (Score 2) 261

1) Root your phone. If you don't have full control over your device, you have no chance.

2) Install Xposed Framework (http://repo.xposed.info/)

3) Install Xprivacy (http://repo.xposed.info/module/biz.bokhorst.xprivacy)

Xprivacy doesn't block your programs from sending whatever they want to send - if you try to do that, most programs will crash. Instead, it feeds your programs completely false information. Boom, you win.

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