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Comment Market rules.... (Score 1) 157

Well....if you want to sell DVDs at $20, probably nobody will buy them. If there is no demand, lower the price. The main cost of DVDs are marketing and transportation, so sell volume.... make a limited offer of 10 new DVD titles for $20 with free shipping and let's see how the market will react. Offer cheap digital copies and kill piracy without lawyers in the middle (the main cost)

Comment What was the expectation? (Score 1) 335

Well..if you give free money to managers, they will solve their yatch, new sports car, new house, 5* vacations.... of course, it will look as "work" from the accountability perspective....big invoices from consulting companies, fake construction, availability studies, etc.....just a bunch of paper. There is nothing more tempting to "administer" other's monies.... look at the Govt!...

Comment I don't see any upgrade program in place... (Score 1) 329

Any "reasonable priced" upgrade program for original discs? That would be good. If you have paid $60 for a BF2, and BF4 is again $60, they should allow discs owners to upgrade for no more than $15. I would like to be a fan of game companies again....but they are doing exactly the opposite for a couple of bucks.

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