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Comment Re: Something doesn't add up (Score 2) 144

I have used whatsapp heavily for years. They say that the first year is free and then you have to pay, but they never come through. So ya multiple years of use without paying a cent. To be honest I always suspected this is what he planned to do with the company, never to actually make money from running it as a service.

Comment Definition of Scrooge (Score 2) 65

the web giant also said the voucher rewards were informal and actually funded out of the pockets of the company's own IT security staff

I don't know how many tshirts they gave out, but I am lead to believe it wasn't many. If someone freely out of their own good will helps you out, at your job! and you can only manage pony up $12.50 that is just an insult, I personally would prefer just a email of thanks than that!! Hell a case of beer maybe!!

I beat these guys aren't first in line to order a round on Friday night

Comment really? do they know their market at all? (Score 2) 212

Any high frequency trader HFT, market marker, derivatives trader etc.... worth it's salt has already co-located with the ALC (ASX/SFE) data center in gore hill, if you are not interested in low latency trading with the ASX then why would you bother paying the extra $$$ for these lines when you can get a fiber line anywhere in sydney for $2K a month from pipe/TPG networks.

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