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Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 419

Wikileaks only "leak" what is supplied to them. They are not making stuff up about HRC, and i'm fairly certain if they had equal dirt on Trump. they'd put it out there on a shingle for the world to see. So tell me are you in possession of evidence that Julian Assange has leak information on Trump, that is not being released? Do you feel that Assange has always had a cozy relationship with the GOP too?

Comment Re:maps (Score 1) 26

The rc/quad would most likely lack sensors accurate enough to record/merge/filter and build accurate results. The onboard FC of most systems, especially DJI aren't powerful enough to process SLAM. Likely you would need to have lidar/pulsed light/projection mapping etc on board with a powerful enough companion PC to do SFM/SLAM or photogrammetry.

Comment Re:Took them long to start building something of f (Score 1) 277

From a hardware perspective (which can easily hide/mask mal intent) almost all of the hardware we purchase is difficult to trust. Add in the firmware added by the NSA for things like phones etc, and the saying only trust a source if you see the code. The same applies for hardware. I wish we could have open source hardware in more abundance.

Comment Re:Let me foresee what will happen... (Score 1) 277

A country level agreement is often met with a request to provide source code for "their safety". CHina demands it when they purchase Citrix Licensing, Russia can demand it when they use it for government purposes. I doubt they would need to hack MS to get their code made available. enough zeros in the order price is more than enough to get what you want. This change besides being a thumbing of the nose to MS also supports alternatives which boost their local economy. This is a move to hurt the US financially and boost their own services.

Comment Re:It's how I would have done it (Score 1) 196

According to the Intercept they collaborating with the Israeli Government to decide what should be censored. The next time the censorship subject comes up about Facebook it won't be about naked children. Justifying censorship as an algorithmic decision absolves no blame.

Comment Re:Diminishing photo title (Score 1) 196

She has come to terms with the image and understands the importance of it being published. If she got over it, maybe you can too?

Phan Thi Kim Phuc is an UNESCO Good Will Ambassador and the biography/documentary about her has all proceeds going to the Kim Phúc Foundation, which supports child victims of war. She is hardly asking to be forgotten or for dignity she has been denied. You shouldn't be offended that the the name is what is in the picture. It is awful what she suffered. We should all be ashamed of what happened to her, but not at the name of the photo.

Comment Re:Cut the bullshit, facebook. (Score 1) 196

This sounds like along winded way to say that no company of any size could have culpability because they're all just doing their job trying to make money. The people affected by such actions are too simple to understand the nuance of why things occur.

There is a fine line between making money and being a corporate sociopath.

(And now for the record, you can find a naked 9yo on Facebook.) Correction you can find an iconic portrait of a 9 YEAR old who had just been napalmed and spent the next 17 months in a hospital getting skin grafts. The photographer Ut took her and the other children to a hospital in Saigon where she luckily survived.

Facebook makes money and has an obligation to their shareholders. Operating at the scale and visibility they do, makes censorship an incredibly powerful tool. If they hadn't just been in the news for more censorship, and then just yesterday for working with Israel to work on what to censor, and now this. You can white wash it all away as shit happens. I think you'll find the news will always be slanted in their interests and not yours. Mistakes happen, censorship is seldom an accident. Algorithm or not someone censoring what you see is never in your interest.

Comment Re:"faulty cables and cooling fans" (Score 1) 103

To a degree. What if there is a serious bug or hardware flaw from a sourced component. Remember when HP bought motherboard components (faulty capacitors - from a supplier who had tried to steal the code from another company and had stolen fake docs) about 10 years ago? Their laptops and desktops had about a 40% failure rate in the first year as a result. Is that on the consumers shoulders to have purchased a machine with bad motherboard capacitors that were sourced by HP? They should have met the specifications but the failure rates were 3-4 times the norm. So the consumer is at fault for expecting lower failure rates?

This may be very different than what happened here, but it might not be entirely different.

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