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Comment Chinese? (Score 3, Insightful) 144

Is it just me, or was every single winner in pwn2own asian? Here's the youtube video:

It's not entirely clear what Asian country everyone is from (or perhaps they're Asian-American), but assuming none of them are from the U.S., it should make those in government U.S. cybersecurity a bit anxious, and perhaps give pause to our new-found love of immigration restrictions.

Comment Re:Done in the 90's? (Score 1) 52

I attended a presentations in the mid 90's sometime by Dr. Hecht-Neilson who had a company that evaluated people for their credit worthiness using neural networks.

There's these biomass machines with neural networks that do this a lot. It takes a bit of processing power (several billion neurons), and on the latest hardware, it still can take a few hours or days, but it has surprisingly good accuracy.

Comment Re:In Other News (Score 1) 49

Stock prices at several major tech giants plunged over night as it was revealed they had been in receipt of Marissa Mayer resume

She obviously did not succeed in this venture, but I don't see her as a villain either. Resurrecting Yahoo from the ashes was a pretty impossible task. What's irritating is her golden parachute... getting a windfall in her failure.

Comment Re:Are they (Score 2) 49

Still vastly overpriced when you consider that the bulk of the user data is available for a hell of a lot less on the darknet (and not so darknet), so any exclusivity you might have had to it is long gone - anyone else who wants the data can have it well - and it's anyone's guess how many accounts are still truly active.

No legitimate company can use illegitimate data from the dark net and not risk a massive lawsuit. Far cheaper to purchase it legitimately.

Comment Re:Patents in question (Score 1) 104

A lot longer ago than that. I started my kernel mode software development career in 1981, writing kernel code for RSX and VMS. The user/kernel space dichotomy had existed for many years before that! And the Mach microkernel was invented in about 1985.

Yes, it existed, but not for consumer OSes. None of the consumer grade windows OSes had it before Windows XP and Mac introduced it in OS X. So while the dichotomy existed, I'm not sure it existed in a consumer product like a web browser.

Comment Re:Patents in question (Score 1) 104

BS Patents, basically User Space vs Kernel Space patents but "in a web browser". Both of the inventors had invented some real worthy patents, but the three in the suit are not worthy of a patent.

I haven't read the patents, but assuming it really is "User Space vs Kernel Space ... in a web browser", then maybe it is worth a patent. The patent was filed in 2004, when the user/kernel space dichotomy was just catching on in mainstream operating systems. This was well before applications had sandboxing to deal with security threats (actually, no one really dealt with security threats), and it was well before hardware virtualization became mainstream enough to run many virtual computers on the same machine for security purposes. I'm not saying that these patents are necessarily valid, I'm just saying they don't seem to me immediately invalid.

Comment Re:Can't (Score 1) 660

Right, burning down the current system to replace it with charter schools (which contrary to what DeVos says, do not do better) and Christian-based education is just a wonderful replacement.

Crazy how heated and politicized this debate is. Why can't we try a little of everything and continue funding the things that work best?

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