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Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score 1) 920

"You are, whether you realize it or not, implicitly arguing that they are perfectly right to listen to the legions of assholes asking them and threatening them (boycotts, etc.) for more censorship, and that they shouldn't listen to counter-arguments or counter-threats from people like me"

Youtube is not a hill worth dying on. Its a private entity that is beholden to its board and its shareholders. Its not a government, its not the sovereign of the internet. Its an overgrown *America's Funniest Home Videos*. Whining that you 'cant compete' is not a Free Speech argument. No one is being silenced, the internet is as accessible as ever. If you dont like their policies, BUILD YOUR OWN SERVICE like a grown up. This is a marketing and image problem, not a fight of ideals.

Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score 1) 920

I carefully chose the term Free Speech to differentiate it from the First Amendment. I FULLY understand the difference between the two concepts.

Youtube is NOT bound by the First Amendment, nor is it bound to your twisted idea of Free Speech. NOTHING stops PDP from popping up his own service. I can broadcast from my house every single day on a consumer grade line using one computer, including compositing several sources and integrating them. There is nothing stopping a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE like PDP from doing the same. I want you to clearly understand this, there is NOTHING stopping any person of average skill from providing video to the internet.

Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score 1) 920

Is the internet still functioning? Then PDP can roll his own video service and deliver content to users subject only to his editorial discretion. Its what i started doing once Facebook started removing my fair-use short movie clips that i use for instruction. Now I host the video myself and Facebook is more than happy to host the link to my content that they would have blocked if i asked them to host the video.. This is not a Free Speech issue. I understand the distinction you are trying to make, but no one is owed a Youtube channel or Disney sponsorship.

Comment Re:Unattended workstation is an endangered species (Score 1) 158

I get all that, the point is once eye-tracking and such comes online, advertisers are going to demand that ads are confirmed to be watched by getting the eye tracking data. There will come a point where you wont be able to even look away from the ad or it will pause and wait for your attention.

Comment Unattended workstation is an endangered species. (Score 2) 158

There is going to come a point in the not-far-off-future where most consumer facing gear wont even run unless a user is actively present, has ID'd them self through social media and is operating it. See Oculus Rift for an example. It wont run if the sensor says it not on my head. Now i understand in most use-cases thats fine, but sometimes i want a game to play out, even if im not attending it right then. I should have the option of taking off the HMD without it pausing everything.

Comment Re:lets look to the past (Score 1) 341

"because if others are free to threaten you then you don't have freedom."

You understand this just moves the goalpost right? You are trading one strongman (warlord) for another (government). The government threatens me with jail everyday because i choose to have cannabis in my life. Its not any different or more equitable than a warlord.

Comment Re:Possibly good news (Score 1) 99

You are joking me right? DOTA 2 just had a $20 million dollar prize tournament. HTC Vive is killer and smacking Oculus around like its their bitch. The last Steam UI 'surfacing' update DOUBLED the user-purchase rate. TF2, a 10 year old game is currently #5 in Steam's top played, talk about legs. HATS! CS:GO pretty much prints money.

Lighthouse alone is a killer technology that is already seeing use outside of VR, think Lighthouse guided house robots. They have 3 full length VR games in the pipeline, one of which is for sure L4D3. Steam is so profitable there is no real accurate way to determine what the company is actually worth.

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