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Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 562

These rules only apply to Republican candidates. For Democratic candidates, it's "just sex" or "just a little drugs". Obama admitted to felony marijuana and cocaine use in his book. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath while on trial for actually sexually harassing a woman. At that time, Democrats and the media told us that it was all just about sex and didn't impact Bill's ability to be President. Those same people are now shocked about something Trump said 10 years ago.

Comment I found the pseudocode (Score 0) 37

I found the pseudocode for it:

if (messageIn = praise)
then takeCreditForIt
else if (messageIn = problem)
then blameTheRepublicans
else if (messageIn = requestFromForeignGovernment)
then sendUserToClintonFoundationDonationForm
else if (messageIn = ransomDemandFromIran)
then setupUnmarkedBillExchange
else if (messageIn = threatFromSyria)
then drawMeaninglessLineInSand
else if (messageIn = threatFromRussia)
then makeEmptyThreatsThenCowerInCorner
else if (messageIn = questionAboutVotingLocations)
    if (user = Democrat or user = illegalAlien or user = dead)
    then giveMapToVotingLocationsWhereIdNotRequired
    else return500ServerError

Comment Who will pay for it? (Score 1) 58

From TFA: "The total cost of the Dream Chaser mission has yet to be determined and will depend on the nature of the payloads being sent to orbit. UNOOSA is hoping that companies, organizations and established spacefaring nation states will be interested in helping sponsor the cost of deploying these payloads."

Awesome. So we will be paying for the UN and 3rd world countries to have a space program. Never mind that our own space program is underfunded and that our debt continues to climb. Sure, let's go pay for someone else's space program too.

Comment Comey wants to spy on us, but he refused to.... (Score 1) 367

Comey wants to spy on us, but he refused to recommend prosecution against Hillary running top secret info on her home-brew email server? How about he treat the average American citizen with the same kid gloves Hillary got? Here's your adult conversation Comey: do your JOB with Hillary, THEN we can have an adult conversation about you spying on us.

Comment Re: (Score 5, Insightful) 133

The hacked emails show that the media colluded with the Hillary campaign to shut Bernie out. That story lasted less than 1 day before those same media entities changed the story to focus on the Russian hacker speculation, which was then followed by several days of talking about how Trump supposedly asked Russia to hack the DNC.

Look -> Squirrel.

Comment France just wants their share of the data (Score 1) 159

" Microsoft has now responded, saying it is happy to work with the CNIL to work towards an acceptable solution."

I bet the acceptable solution will be sharing some of that "telemetry" data with the French government to look the other way. Similar to the deal Microsoft worked out with the NSA.

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