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Comment Re:H-1B abuse and Trump (Score 1) 813

People want Trump to go back in time and not take tax deductions, not manufacture in lower cost regions, not use bankruptcy protection to his advantage, etc. Frankly it's idiotic. A businessman isn't going to stay in business for long if he doesn't use the same advantages that his competitors use.

Comment Re:Pathetic Crybaby As#hole (Score 1) 412

The reason for the earlier cutoff is that people apply "millennials" to those who were growing up during the turn of the millennium, not born around it. Otherwise why would you include 1985 at the lower end (seems kind of far away) and why would it not be symmetrical?

It's like if we were defining a "hippie generation" -- you wouldn't say "people born while hippies were prevalent" you'd say "people born who became young adults while hippies were prevalent", meaning the people who grew into hippies.

For what it's worth I've usually seen millennials defined as born between 1980 and 1995.

Comment Re:It's not Bechdel - it's puritan test (Score 1) 321

No. Example: a scene where a woman is dressing not done in a sexually suggestive manner isn't a problem

The quote says "depicted in sexually suggestive clothing" not "dressing done in a sexually suggestive manner."

If you think it's the manner and not the clothing that matters, then you should have said "yes" not "no" because you are agreeing that the quoted criteria are stupid.

Comment Re:More proof (Score 1) 415

And it makes sense the gap would widen without significant societal assistance.

And as others have pointed out, that's false. Significant societal assistance wasn't needed to make Chinese immigrants, who used to be among the poorest, into one of the most successful immigrant groups.

or that school districts with better funding often provide better education

Anybody who pays attention to education funding knows that's not true. Obviously there has to be a baseline of funding as well, but past a certain minimum (which we're well past) it stops making much difference. Hence examples like Washington DC and NYC public schools that have the highest funding per student in the nation and some of the worst results.

Comment Re:More proof (Score 1) 415

You can't have it both ways though. You can't say it's good to game the indicator by having things like "bonus points" for hiring minorities, but bad to game the indicator by hiring more white guys in retail.

The reason gaming the indicator actually works is that it has an effect upstream. If blacks see that they have a good shot at a good job in Silicon Valley, then they will be more likely to go into computer science and end up working in the industry.

Yet apparently you're not willing to concede the same for whites, that white people who right now are poor, on welfare, etc won't see "hey look at that, white guys can also get good jobs working retail, it's not all girls and minorities hired to prop up diversity stats" and do the same thing.

Comment Re:More proof (Score 2, Insightful) 415

If some people want to believe affirmative action is even on the same magnitude as believing other races are sub-human they are deluding themselves and making a very weak argument.

That's exactly what affirmative action is. It says blacks are not as good as whites, can't compete, and thus need a loving, guiding hand to help them up.

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