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Comment Re:That isn't what is happening here. (Score 1) 747

However, that's false binary thinking. Both are right, but they don't conceive if this eventuality being possible.

Please demonstrate a case where "If you need to login as Gary, you $su gary and type in your password. You never know Gary's password." is correct.

If it were correct, what's stopping anyone from becoming root on every single system they have access to? It would be a major security issue.

Comment Re: Bullshit (Score 1) 747

He's talking about root running su to become another user.

Are you sure about that? I see a clear '$' in front of the command, not a '#'.

Which un-surprisingly does not have to enter a password.

So you agree Areyoukiddingme was wrong, when he said "you $su gary and type in your password."?

The only case where you run "su gary" and type in your own password is if your password is the same as garys. In that case "You never know Gary's password." is wrong.

Like most poeple posting in this thread you seam to have assumed every one else is stupid and that only your correct.

My whole point is that LoRdTAW was correct, so that's obviously not true.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 2) 747

If I type "su gary", I have to type in garys password, not my own.
If I type "sudo gary" (assuming I had installed sudo), I would have to type in my own password.

The original poster (LoRdTAW) is correct, but the comment I replied to (by Areyoukiddingme) is wrong.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 747

su is not only for root. it has a dual purpose: switch user or super user. Sometimes you might have to run a command as another user. So if you need to login as Gary you $su gary and type in Gary's password.

Yes, but not quite. If you need to login as Gary, you $su gary and type in your password. You never know Gary's password.

You're talking about sudo, not su.

Comment Re:What was the command? (Score 1) 154

mv *.* /dev/null

With only one matching file, you'll get:

mv: inter-device move failed: `foo.bar' to `/dev/null'; unable to remove target: Permission denied

If you got more than one file matching that pattern, you'll get:

mv: target `/dev/null' is not a directory

But thanks for playing...

Comment Re:Infoworld... pass (Score 1) 729

The way javascript does dates

Are you talking about getYear() being years since 1900 or something else? You might want getFullYear() or getUTCFullYear().

and timezones

Javascript only does UTC and "whatever timezone the browser is using". If you need other timezones, you'll need a third party library (such as this shameless plug).

Comment Re:Yes, Please (Score 1) 248

My ISP supports IPv6, my router supposedly supports IPv6 (Asus RT-N66U), I can see the router getting an IPv6 address from my ISP, I can see my PC getting an IPv6 address from my router yet when I test it out on the various "do I have IPv6" pages it's failing.

After spending a couple of hours mucking around I gave up. I'll deal with it when it matters. Hopefully it's less painful then.

Quick question: Are those IPv6 addresses in the fe80::/10 range? Is so, they're link-local.

If not, would you mind sharing them or at least their routing prefix?

Submission + - "Word Record" as Single Laser and Fibre Optic Cable Delivers 43 Tbps

Mark.JUK writes: A research group working out of the Technical University of Denmark claims to have broken "another world record" in fibre optic data transfers after they were able to demonstrate speeds of 43 Terabits per second over a single laser and fibre optic cable (67km long), which is theoretically much closer to real-world connections than most other lab tests where multiple lasers and cables can be used.

Professor Leif Oxenløwe of DTU Fotonik said that his team had "used all the known, neat tricks that exist nowadays to make data in five dimensions: time, frequency, polarization, quadrature and space”. However one such "neat trick" is the decision not to use a traditional single core cable and to instead adopt a 7 core (glass threads) design from Japanese telecoms firm NNT.

Admittedly the new fibre optic cable does not take up any more space than the standard single-core version, but it's still a new cable and thus perhaps the "world record" claims aren't quite comparing apples to apples.

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