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Comment Re:"Toxic" comments huh? (Score 1) 194

First, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.

What the fuck does this slogan mean? I keep hearing it. It sounds like the kind of doublethink parents use mistakenly use on their children, like the equivalent of goo goo gaa gaa babytalk but for seven year olds.

It's quite simple really that even a seven year old could understand. It means you can say whatever the fuck you want but that doesn't mean anyone has to listen to you and it doesn't mean that nothing will happen as a result of what you say. If you insult someone and they punch you for it, or throw you out of their property or whatever, they haven't curbed your right to free speech at all.

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 198

Maybe stop changing arbitrary definitions. Pluto was always a planet. Fuck you, NASA and shitty celebrity "scientists" like Neil Tyson.

Wow, who actually gives a shit, really? What difference does it make if Pluto is defined as a planet, a dwarf planet, an ice cube or numero uno place in the galaxy? How does that effect anyone enough to get uppity about it? Move on with your life.

Comment Re:Thrilling? (Score 1) 272

Finding that many Earth-sized rocky bodies orbiting a star just 39 lightyears away, with the possibility that some of them may be able to have liquid water on their surface doesn't excite you? Did you have your sense of wonder and curiosity surgically removed?

It's interesting to be sure but far from thrilling (to me), it's kinda non news. Until we put any appreciative effort into actual space travel they might as well be in Andromeda. Hell, can we even actually see them or just 'detect' them? Give me a shout when we pick up radio waves from there or get a picture of one or more of the planets with lights on the darkside. Now that would be more thrilling than there's a star with a bunch of large rocky bodies relatively close in a galactic sense but still an unfathomable distance away.

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 1) 904

What's wrong with that? Does she want this guy immediately fired no question asked? If it really is a first offence tell him to knock it off and move on from there,

You did not read the article, did you?

It wasn't his first offence, although HR lied about this, claiming that it was.

He didn't knock it off. Also, her career at the company was affected because she made the report.

What he did should have resulted in an instant dismissal. Retaliation should have resulted in dismissals. Covering up the prior acts by the man should have resulted in dismissals in HR.

In that case, you are right. HR fucked up big time. The guy fucked up too obviously. Well, one time is a fuck up, consistently doing it, yeah, he should be sacked.

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 1) 904

Well, let's leave aside the fact that it wasn't the guy's first offense. What would you, as a professional HR person or senior manager, do about that situation?

I tell you what I wouldn't do: I wouldn't issue a warning and assume it just magically fixed the problem. I'd follow up and continue monitoring the situation.

I'd do the same, assuming it was actually the first offence it'd be a warning and monitoring, second offence some kind of sanction and final warning, third time doing the same thing, out the door.

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 1) 904

Any sane company would fire this guy immediately. Uber is liable for not getting rid of him. Hope this woman sues the shit out of them.

I disagree. I think any sane company should say something like "seriously, knock that shit off, if you keep it up we're going to have issues". The guy was propositioning for sex which is highly unprofessional and is out of order but it's hardly end of the world stuff. There're a whole bunch of things which could tip the scale but the situation as described doesn't call for more than a warning in my opinion. Would you advocate the same punishment if it was female looking for sex I wonder?

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