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Comment Re:"Former" engineer - tells you all you need to k (Score 1) 905

She says she took screenshots. There is no independent evidence beyond what she says, and her story doesn't seem credible.

According to her, there are independent witnesses who were both also sexually harassed by the same man and actively lied to by HR using the same lie.

This claim should be super easy to prove if true, and super easy to disprove if false.

Comment Re:"Former" engineer - tells you all you need to k (Score 1) 905

Most of the time, I couldn't agree with you more. However, you didn't read her blog post.

This kind of thing started on her first day and she took screenshots.

Really, you have to read her blog post. The HR person who handled this issue needs to be sacked pronto.

Comment Re:Professional attention whore strikes again (Score 2) 920

The dishonesty and cynicism here shown by allegedly reputable mainstream media outlets here is astonishing.

The mainstream media does troll people too. That's nothing new. However, it's not some grand conspiracy against small independent content producers.

Quoting things out of context and creating outrage generates traffic for them. And if they do it to another troll, that's all the better. And the fact that he was sponsored by Disney made him an easier target still. Most journalists know that Disney is super quick to drop endorsement deals on the flimsiest of reasons.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 4, Funny) 102

I can just imagine how the conversation went:

CEO: Why is no one buying our shakes?

Market Research: People say that our shakes are so disgusting that they can't even finish them. Perhaps now would be the time to start using better ingredients for a few pennies more per shake?

CEO: That's none sense. If people can't finish their shake, it must because of the straw, not because of the taste. Besides, our customers are like stupid little kids. If we show them a cool new design for our straws, they'll buy the shake just to get the straw.

Comment Re:Irreverent vs. Inappropriate (Score 1) 363

The two situations are not the same.

Whether it's the police cam or the voice mail, Mel Gibson showed his true colors.

In the case of this YouTuber, whether he's anti-semitic or not, it doesn't really matter. He's an idiot for not knowing Disney's usual take on things.

Comment Re:Never. (Score 2) 158

They did the deployment incorrectly.

First, you give the boxes to the execs and the managers. When the union figures out that they're not getting heat or air conditioning when managers are out of the office, then you give those boxes to union leaders and your favorite employees. When the rest of the employees figure out that they've been excluded, even the most paranoid among them will be demanding their own box at their desk.

Comment Re:Sorry (Score 2) 641

Now, I would take to task the editor(s) of the Indianapolis Star for printing that shit. At a certain point, morally, one would have to say "You know, maybe that doesn't need to be in our article."

Clearly, that's not how click-baiting works.

Revenue is king. An editor who says stuff like that would just get himself fired.

Comment Re:One thing (Score 1) 40

So you want the watch to be just a speaker phone? Oh god no! I can just imagine the results during my commute hours.

Get yourself a Bluetooth headset. You can still use your watch to answer the phone, but then please use your headset. We don't want to listen to both sides of your conversation at full volume.

Comment Re:Those commercials annoyed me from day one (Score 2) 36

Also, I use Xfinity, but one thing that happens with Xfinity service is that it shuts itself down frequently. And services like Ookla don't measure uptime. Ookla only measures speed when Xfinity is actually working.

Which means the only thing Xfinity has to do get good stats on Ookla is to shut down connections entirely when it knows it's not going to get good speeds.

Comment Re:Gay people (Score 1) 386

I believe him. He doesn't need to be amazingly attractive. He just needs to be moderately attractive. Also, if he's from the East Coast and in SF on business, that probably means he is well dressed too. Personally, I've been propositioned a couple of times in the Bay Area, plus I've been groped by another guy once during New Years, and I'm not the most attractive guy around. That being said, I'm surprised he found it that annoying.

To me, the most annoying is the aggressive panhandling. Just yesterday night, I had to yell at a panhandler at a gas station in Berkeley just because he was so determined to wash my cars' windows (despite the fact that it was raining cats and dogs and the fact that I had already said 'no' to him). This kind of thing happens constantly in San Francisco. "Hey, I want to ask you a question!" "Yes?" "Listen to me friend. I'm going to be honest with you. [2 minutes later after a long explanation of his life's story, he finally gets to the point] I need money to get on Bart. Whatever you have? Pennies would do." And whatever you do, don't give him pennies (even if he says that's sufficient). I did that a few years ago and I just got them thrown back at my face.

Comment Income distribution (Score 1) 290

Do you really want a gaming company to sell its games to an oligarch in Russia at roughly 3.7 times less the price of what they would cost in the US? Besides, it's not like a game is a vital piece of software to own. And in poorer countries, it's not like everyone owns a computer fast enough to run the latest game, or owns a computer at all.

And where it comes to non-gaming software, there are other ways a company can make sure its software goes to people who can afford it. It can create student licenses, language localized editions, versions for non-profits, nagware software, software which produces watermarked assets, web hybrid applications, open source software with various levels of support, etc. There are thousands of options, but ultimately the company making that software has to make this kind of decision for itself based on its own capabilities and based on what it thinks the market can bear.

In some countries, making payments can be so difficult as a consumer, that selling a piece of software at a fraction of the cost based on a country's gdp wouldn't necessarily work. And in other cases still, a company could easily cannibalize its own local customer base by providing competing foreign customers with cheaper software.

Comment Re:Misused access rights (Score 1) 50

They're asking about access to the external sdcard (not root access to the entire phone).

Because while every app has access to internal memory, if the app deals with any large amount of data like pictures, videos, mp3s, or games with lots of graphics, it could easily fill up all the internal memory on your phone.

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