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Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 207

i think you are confusing the definition of power user. power user != tosses tons of money at shit because they are trying to fill some void in their heart. I can be a power user on a 7 year old solaris box. also, don't believe the lies, i play all the latest and greatest games and my computer is a couple years old.

Comment Re:Explanation Impossible (Score 1) 234

So, you take a WHOLE YEAR of Physics in school, and suddenly, you are ready to say with confidence that all the formulas of physics (which, coincidentally, are correct enough to land a robot on Mars and propel a satellite out past the Solar System) are wrong?!?!?

I'm sure with just about any equations you use, flying in a straight line through space is serious business.

Comment Re:Probably intentional. (Score 1) 543

I was about to ask if you actually watched the video, or RTFA... But then I remembered this is slashdot. The video features about 5 minutes of steady slaughter of civilians in an airport by a CIA agent controlled by the player. This isn't "civilians caught in the crossfire" but rather wholesale murder of defenseless crowds. That being said, I despise censorship, so I have no real problem with this game.

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