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Comment Some tools (Score 1) 366

For speed, it's hard to beat an rsync wrapper like Backup.rsync: http://stromberg.dnsalias.org/... . It doesn't deduplicate super-well, and it doesn't compress on disk, but like I said, it's fast. It's quite good at removing old data that you don't care about anymore.

For frugality, consider something like backshift: http://stromberg.dnsalias.org/... . It deduplicates quite well, and compresses everything (including most metadata) with xz. It also makes it easy to expire old data, unlike a lot of backup software you'll see.

Full disclosure: I wrote both of them.

Here's a table comparing some common backup tools: http://stromberg.dnsalias.org/...

Submission + - Python 2.x vs Python 3.x

strombrg writes: I put together a very brief survey about Python 2.x vs Python 3.x use. If you've ever coded in Python, I hope you'll take a moment to fill it out. It's at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/N5N5PG2

Why? Because it would be useful to know if Python 3.x is catching on yet.

Comment Re:Python in the browser ? (Score 1) 242

Python, as a plugin, would require adoption by Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera - I doubt all four of these would all agree to support Python as a plugin. However, it's possible to compile Python to javascript. Most of these transpile individual Python programs to JavaScript, but one, empythoned, actually compiles CPython 2.x to JavaScript using LLVM's JavaScript backend.

Comment Re:When is python going to support parallel proces (Score 1) 242

Python the language definition, supports threads fine. CPython the reference implementation, supports threads, but while they work fine for I/O bound workloads, they are poor for CPU bound workloads. However, CPython supports multiprocessing, which uses multiple processes and shared memory; multiprocessing tends to give looser coupling between parallel code units than threading. Jython and IronPython support threads for both I/O bound and CPU bound workloads.

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