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Comment I don't mind guides (Score 1) 198

I still like to channel surf. The problem is everything has its own guide and they need to be integrated into one. He's right about not caring about channels, although the channels themselves do care because they want you to be aware of what channel is providing some content you are watching. I'd like my basic cable from cable and sling tv channels and hulu and whatever else all in a single guide that just knows how to get what i click on.

Comment Re:Oh no! (Score 1) 314

The power outage for phone argument is over used. Yes it happens, and you can easily argue that a single more robust wireless solution in some cases would be better as the electrical and phone are going over the same poles.

The reality is in most cases copper costs more and takes longer to upgrade services. Yes they get money to maintain, both from customers and the government. But I could really care less if they can offer something better with the money I'm spending today and in the future. For most people, most of the time, wireless can offer a better service. Most people don't consider their phone service married to copper, its just what it happens to use at the moment. Offer them better service on a different medium and they'll jump at it.

The point being this isn't necessarily some nefarious plot. The union doesn't like it because fixing wires keeps people in a job. But the end customer for the most part could care less and is currently being held back by copper.

Comment Oh no! (Score 2, Informative) 314

We must all freak out even though the article itself says there is an exception form to fill out if the copper line is required. For 99% of people who are out of a FIOS area this is a good thing as it gets their foot in the door for providing some form of wireless internet that will far exceed what they can offer via DSL. The
The vast majority of customers could care less about copper or wireless or whether they are getting money to maintain copper. Presumably the wireless system has a battery ups like cable to maintain service during short outages. Does everyone here have parents that work in a copper mine or something?

Comment I don't really see an issue (Score 3, Interesting) 220

It's instagram. The idea is for 99% of people to post garbage pictures of themselves for fun. It's not about learning some life lesson about dealing with a world full of anonymous assholes who now can say what they want without looking someone in the face to do so.

Comment What is this even talking about? (Score 1) 294

Nope, didn't read the article. The summary itself is all over the place. What are they even talking about? Blue light keeping admins who take naps in router closets from being able to sleep? Or millennials complaining because the are living in their moms basements and being kept awake because the router is still down there? Who the hell walks around the office looking for blue lights shining through to see if wifi is working? Who are these people?

Comment The real issue keeps being ignored (Score 1) 89

I don't worry about the one off situations that occur for the end user. The real issue is what brought down the UPS 747 outside of Dubai in 2010. While this was a freight aircraft, pallets of these things are routinely shipped as cargo commercial airlines. Scores of lithium batteries left unattended in the cargo hold does concern me.

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