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Wireless Networking

Best Pre-Paid Data Plan For a Visit To Germany? 153

code prole writes "With two upcoming trips to Germany, and no readily available Internet (Wi-Fi or otherwise) in the location where we'll be staying, I'm looking for a no-contract USB stick and pre-paid data plan. Vodafone has a huge selection of USB sticks but has proven to be unresponsive to questions about data plans. And the US-based T-Mobile Help Center was clueless about getting the device in Europe and using it there. Hopefully the Slashdot community has some suggestions. Any duds to avoid?"

Comment Re:p2p (Score 1) 141

Fido-net style....... aha,.... yes we are on the same page again. Had to go back in memory for that one. :-) however yes you could do this. It would mean building a lot of things however nothing is holding you back from building such a thing. You will have to maybe even create your own handsets (or new software for it) however it can be done with enough time (and $). ;-) tell me when you are done :-)

Comment Re:What are the costs? (Score 1) 141

Some information is given on the costs during the talk, you can find links to the video archive of the talks at

some of the pages are currently down I think because the event network is down however servers should be on the move back to the datacenter. Some of the links are currenlty working so you can already have a peak.

Johan Louwers.

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