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Comment Re:Pls cut the crap (Score 2) 102

Apple tends to let others release new "innovations" first, and then released improved versions of those innovations that are more stable and easier to use.

People seem to forget that Apple didn't invent the smartphone, or even the first smartphone with a touch screen. Microsoft had "Windows Mobile" products years before Apple, but they were unstable and difficult to use. They basically were a mess because they tried to cram a Windows XP style UI onto a 3.5" screen.

Same deal with the tablet. There were plenty of touch screen tablets before the iPad came out, but most of them had a crummy UI and lousy battery life. Apple fixed most of those issues.

Comment Re:I wish they would... (Score 2) 70

Yeah, I've been to my fair share of technical classes where the self practice projects were broken to the point where they couldn't be completed.

Some proper QA testing would probably catch that, but most companies seem to be cheaping out on proper QA now. Sure, why not try a "public beta" first to work out the bugs.

Comment Re: I predict (Score 1) 557

There are flavors of Linux that are end user friendly, like Android or ChromeOS.

Distributions like Ubuntu and Red Hat aren't even close, however. Even now, the UI's seem to be designed to only handle about 90% of common configuration options, with the remaining 10% still requiring users to log onto the command line with sudo/root access or edit obscure configuration files to resolve problems like driver issues.

Sorry guys, but most end users even more afraid of the command line now than they were 10 years ago. If you require users to do this to solve a problem, you've failed at your job as a UI designer.

Comment My podcast playlist right now (Score 2) 268

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History -- This one is good for long car trips, as the podcasts are huge
How I Built This -- NPR's version of Startup
Planet Money
Reply All
Surprisingly Awesome
TED Radio Hour
This American Life -- Ira Glass probably introduced me to half of the other podcasts on this list
and This Week In Computer Hardware

Comment Re:Why do they care? (Score 4, Informative) 120

I'd think that it's pretty obvious why they care. Game publishers don't like it when someone gives a promotional game download code to a friend, so they can install the game for free. Their suits probably consider that to be a "lost sale", where the person might have otherwise paid 50 bucks get the game themselves if they weren't given a download code.

Of course, most of the games that are bundled with video cards often aren't worth anywhere near their retail prices to purchase. The suits probably wouldn't want to admit to that in public, though.

I'd also imagine that Nvidia also doesn't like the idea of someone using the game download codes that they paid for being used on other systems with AMD and Intel graphics, but this probably doesn't bother them as much as the game publishers. They still got paid for the hardware that got purchased, anyway.

Comment The rules don't see fair... do they? (Score 1) 40

This part of the rules seems unduly harsh:

"Any team whose lander hasn't left the launchpad by then is automatically out of the running."

I think that SpaceX is behind schedule for their launches because of that rocket that recently blew up while fueling. Why penalize the team for an issue with their launch provider?

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