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Comment Oh...Microsoft... (Score 4, Insightful) 88

You've always been there throughout my tech career, for some entertainment. I loved that shell that was Windows 3.1 I gloated over Windows ME. I was Tickled when the first Zune "Welcome to the social! effort to chase the iPod came along. I was amused when you laughed at the iPhone and then belatedly came out with Windows Phone, only to crash in the marketplace. Of course there was Longhorn which became Vista. And don't forget Metro and Windows 8! People bought media and counted on Plays for Sure---- but it no longer plays.... and then there was that unlimited OneDrive storage that less than a year later users were "abusing"(haha) and it was rescinded! You gave your word and then changed it! Top it off with the devious Windows 10 "FREE!!!!" upgrade that was tricked upon people including my mother of 83 years old... and then the advertising and the advertising ID in the OS followed...so now your UPDATES DON"T WORK? Microsoft, don't ever change your character, it is entertainment that will last forever...

Comment Re:Homeopathy is a scam (Score 1) 309

Because the THEORY of homeopathy is the dilution. But the board of homeopathy can ok products that don't follow that. For example Zicam for colds was found to contain enough Zinc to be damaging to nasal passages. And regarding the comment ....well then it is a drug. >> They are ALL drugs since by definition a drug is a material that claimes to cure or treat any disease. So regardless of contents of the product, it's a drug when you advertise it that way. And that means it falls into FDA jurisdiction.

Comment Homeopathy is a scam (Score 2) 309

It is a grandfathered legality from the days before the FDA. Homeopathic "drugs" have not been through clinical trials or been shown to be efficacious. They are based on a principle that somehow if you have a substance you can dilute it until perhaps only a couple of MOLECULES in your liquid will somehow cure your problem.

  The FDA should shut down this sham of a company once and for all.

Comment Re:Expected /. response (Score 2) 503

Disagree that it's more secure than Windows 7. Windows 7 has more of its bugs ironed out, and the bugs that ARE there are usually included in Win 10 as well! Microsoft may have designed more security FEATURES into Windows 10, but it takes years of track record to refine those. Windows 10 is much less mature. And then there's the much greater telemetry going back to Microsoft, so that is negative security.

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