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Comment Re:Innovation (Score 1) 357

Another, less nasty, is that Linus merely forked/reimplemented something that was already there. From scratch, so not stolen, but not really a new idea. Which has some merit; as I recall Linus said the wrote the original kernel as a fun project. Since then, there's been a whole lot of "have an idea, put in a lot of work to make it work".

However, to the original AC's comment I will point out git.

Comment Re: To reduce gold abundances. (Score 1) 69

aside from a brief spike over the last day or so the ratio has been more in the 50-60k gold / $15 area. But yeah, inflation has definitely been a thing. The expansion before the current one was noted for making it easier to earn gold, and the current one has accelerated it further (one of the updates was to increase the maximum gold a character or guild could hold by a factor of 10, and there's already folks who have capped that limit).

Comment Re: To reduce gold abundances. (Score 1) 69

In a sense. The process is player A buys a token with cash, puts it on the in-game auction house. Player B buys the token from the AH with gold, and uses it for game time or whatever. At this point the gold is still in the economy, it's just moved from B to A. But presumably A has a purpose in mind, and that purpose most likely involves running gold into/through one of the processes that do take it out of the economy - buying stuff from in-game vendors, buying stuff from other players (aside from tokens, when something is bought on the AH part of the purchase price is skimmed off as the auction house's cut), buying repairs to gear, buying appearance changes to gear or character...

So yeah, the token system does seem like it would tend to move gold from hoarders to spenders and thence to gold-sinks. Whether it does so fast enough I don't know, but Blizzard seems fairly content for the most part...

Comment Re:Better recycling? (Score 1) 159

Maybe they meant libertarian-radicals? While liberals seem to favor a free market (in that they want all the consumers to have equal opportunities in the market) they don't usually seem to get in an uproar about it, whereas the stereotype for libertarians is that they do.

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