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Comment Re: Seems like violating the 4th amendment, not t (Score 1) 427

I doubt that will happen despite wishing that it would. Grabbing a suspect's finger and touching it to their phone violates no rights and requires no speech on behalf of the accused. It's no different from removing a key from a pocket or forcing a breath test. The idea that encrypted data is private is only a vestige of the right against self-incrimination. If someone wants to use a fingerprint encryption key, they have ceeded that right uncompelled.

Comment Re:Hold down power button and ... (Score 2) 427

Like various other historical figures, Trump will fire up the masses to such an extent that the political class can't do anything else but go along with him or lose their jobs in 2018. The tea party types are primed and ready to go. He would be the president- what's to stop him from doing daily 3 hour news conferences where he spews nonsense and vitriol? He has been on TV doing that exact thing. Two years of "trust me, they are stopping me from making you all millionaires" and he could easily turn congress around.

I don't think he can plan that far ahead, but he is certainly capable of stumbling ass-backwards into a scenario like that.

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