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Comment poor terminology (Score 1) 221

The title refers to 'mental illness', the summary adds 'psychosis' and finally links 'schizophrenia' to the bug. These are not interchangeable; each term is rather clearly defined in a science environment. Moving on to the actual study there are also vacillations between these terms. It's one of many things that casts doubt on the quality of the study.

You may also find a report at WaPo: Where they have a lovely video of the rat/cat relationship that develops.

Comment Re:Waiting for the hypocrites (Score 1) 56

Bayer established themselves as a powerhouse in pharmaceuticals with aspirin. Much in Bayer's history is controversial.

None of this is directly related to my point that patents are critical for funding in corporations and for research and ultimate acceptance by government and the medical establishment. Items that are unpatentable (vitamins, etc) do not get major research funding and rarely get the publicity of patented drugs.

Comment Re:Waiting for the hypocrites (Score 3, Insightful) 56

Well we do look at more plants. On every part of earth and under the sea. Aspirin was derived from a plant, and a fine example of how a natural substance can be patented and earn millions of dollars. It's a gold rush. Anthropologists inquire about native medicines worldwide. All in the interest of corporate greed.

You see, natural substances can't be patented. They are worthless. If dandelions could cure cancer, no advanced corporation would take an interest. But they would analyze every molecule of the plant to find a specific one that did the job--and patent that. Once they have a product to sell at a great profit, they will spread FUD to prevent people from using real dandelions to cure their disease.

Comment Re:megavitamins (Score 1) 89

Add to that the fact that vitamins and natural supplements can't be patented. This creates an immediate bias against them when pharmaceuticals become available for similar symptoms. Drug companies are known to influence the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the medical community to discourage the public from using natural supplements when there are prescription drugs available.

Additionally, nobody can afford to invest the millions of dollars to prove the value of a particular vitamin, in the way that money is invested for patentable drugs. The tiny margin of profit for a vitamin can't justify such an investment.

Comment ratio & proportion & enlightenment (Score 1) 113

The success of those 'thank you's is closely related to a subtle element in the original email: I WANT SOMETHING FROM YOU.

Have you noticed that the ratio of emails offering to give you something of value are outweighed by those that want something? So long as people want and want, and still want more ... they will ask you for it. Some portion of them will add 'thanks' as an afterthought. How nice.

Your guru will not say thanks. He will not ask for anything. He knows that having things will tie him to the material world and deny him the ecstasy of true enlightenment. Why do you still see that nut?

Comment go for it ! (Score 1) 301

Please be assured that the people proposing this idea have given it more thought than I have. (And, admit it, more than you have.) But nevertheless, we have the unique perspective of both genius and being unbiased (uninformed) outsiders. So our thoughts are very important!

Now, let me say this about that. Yeah, go for it!

We face many difficulties in our relationship to nature and the environment. And we are developing powerful tools to handle those difficulties. I say use those tools. Use reasonable caution, but ignore nutcase primitives who fight every step of progress.

Bold. Science can be bold or meek. History shows that bold gets shit done, and meek often leaves great discoveries buried for a century. Bold moves us forward, meek stagnates and stifles. Let's be BOLD! What could go wrong?

Comment 3 rights make a left (Score 2) 357

Thirty years ago the US Postal Service trained their carriers to prefer right turns. Not to save gasoline, but to avoid accidents. Three right turns turned out to be safer than one left turn according to the statistics they gathered. They also stressed the danger of getting into a situation that would necessitate backing up.

You'd think someone would have suggested that to UPS (and other fleet operators) long ago.

Today's trivia: Traffic jam- several vehicles need to cross a busy intersection; an ambulance, a police car, an army tank, a painted hippy Volkswagen, a Presidential vehicle, a Postal vehicle, a UPS truck, and a famous movie starlet in a pink convertible ... Who has the right-of-way? The Postal vehicle.

Comment high tech mind tricks (Score 3, Interesting) 115

Nice for those hospitals who can afford high tech entertainment devices and the attendant communication systems required. Could be iffy though if there is a bad connection.

There is a better way to 'distract' the patient. Hypnosis. It's free aside from the need for a skilled operator. No equipment or communication devices required. The operator doesn't even have to be present in the arena.

Not only can hypnosis distract the patient, it can allow the patient to participate in the procedure. Being fully aware, the patient can move muscles, control blood flow and report to the surgeon various sensations.

Countless births and surgical operations have been enhanced with hypnosis. I personally had three teeth pulled with only a mild hypnotic sedation. There was no pain, no bleeding at the time or after although I was fully aware of the crunching of bone during the extraction and the vigorous muscle applied to get those molars out. I spit chunks of bone for several days after.

Hypnosis is associated with magic in the uneducated mind. It's a shame. There is no more natural way to be in tune and in control of our bodies and minds.

Comment IP is the name of the game (Score 1) 267

When you own Intellectual Property that others depend upon, you're enjoying a sunny day. When you depend upon someone else's IP, you worry. Those with an abundance of Intellectual Property can bargain with their peers and exclude certain potential competitors.

Our world is interdependent in amazingly complex ways. You and I are at the mercy of the producers of the software and operating systems we use, and the evolving hardware platforms. Even mighty Apple is at the mercy of Intel and many other unique suppliers of hardware and software. Qualcomm is a prime example for cellphone tech, but others include the makers of Gorilla Glass and many more.

It makes excellent sense for all of us to be aware of and where possible to avoid excessive dependency on key suppliers.

Comment nicotine is evil ! (Score 1) 205

In the Western World there is a moral imperative to denounce cigarets, alcohol, drugs and anything that smacks of fun. It is our proud Christian heritage. Right or wrong, we are emotionally dedicated to this cause and will not be deterred by inconvenient facts. Proper taxing and licensing of these corrupt activities can make them technically legal, but never morally acceptable.

The 'inconvenient facts' are that there is an element in each of these activities that benefits society and individuals. In the case of tobacco, one immense benefit is nicotine.

Nicotine is closely related to choline which millions take for mental benefits. It helps students learn and remember. It helps stressed workers and others to feel calm. And nicotine does the same.

Subversive scientists are learning about benefits in alcoholic beverages and illicit drugs despite pressure from legislators and moral dictators and timid journalists who are afraid to publish the findings. Medicine, the law and the church (superstition) are keeping us in the dark ages.

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