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Comment probably like the one I saw by the air base (Score 1) 124

foggy night, late night, driving into the city and past the SAC air base on a federal highway. a bluish smear pacing my car, a little ahead, overhead to the left. occasionally blinking regularly. just like a reflection of my headlights onto some new aluminum high-tension wires between the wooden poles.. in fact, exactly that.

sun reflecting off a helicopter would look just like described....

Comment not a rejection, a redirection (Score 3, Insightful) 295

but after the factory guys pull the lithium cell, or hook it to a tesla coil, or replace a module, or whatever to hard-reset the set, it's still vulnerable.

"Smart TV" is bogus. never hook an ethernet cable to one. use a Roku or Chromecast or something else cheap, easily replaceable, and disposeable if you feel the need for direct streaming.

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