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Comment Re: Equal amounts? (Score 1) 326

they do not want the party high jacked by a disguised 3rd party candidate

All the more reason for structural reform or abolition of the Electoral College to give alternative parties an actual chance of winning an election. The two-party system is clearly a failure and mostly produces bland, lowest-common-denominator candidates. Until we have more choice, our elections will continue to be a choice between a douche and a turd.

Comment Paul Hawken has a better idea (Score 1) 146

We need to realise that most of us are not so much buying things themselves as much as the services they render. Unless you've made a hobby of collecting vintage power-drills, you don't care so much about the drill itself as you do for the hole it makes. In The Ecology of Commerce, Paul Hawken provides case-studies of business firms, such as Interface Carpet, which have moved to a leasing model where you lease the service of carpeting rather than buying physical carpet. This has many desirable effects, such as moving many expenditures from the CapEx to the OpEx column, and the provider (e.g., Interface) is contractually obligated to maintain the carpet and replace it upon wear-out. Another desirable outcome: manufacturers are incented to create more robust and durable physical goods, because they will be servicing and ultimately disposing of them. Moving to this model will meet vehement resistance, with many people crying out 'Socialism!' and other epithets, but even free-market ideologues should rejoice as it internalises many hitherto externalised costs and provides an accounting basis for them.

Comment Re:Just read some. About nervousness, practice (Score 1) 301

I especially like DNL's perspective about not making such a large emotional investment in what a complete stranger thinks of you. Taking a stranger's reaction in stride makes one a bit more impervious to rejection, and there's always the serendipitous possibility of a favourable response. That's always been my problem: placing far too much emphasis on what strangers and mere acquaintances think of me, and discounting and taking for granted the counsel and opinions of those closest to me.

Comment Re:This is a first (Score 1) 400

Either that, or the displaced workers and therefore the cost of supporting them will have to be outright eliminated from society.

The dystopian solution would be one of the following:

  • * Releasing a biological agent that kills off most of the population, whilst providing the Powers That Be with a vaccine or antidote;
  • * Having the mobs kill each other off in Hunger-Games style;
  • * Felonising most offences and warehousing the masses in private prisons, barely giving them subsistence until they die off.

Those are just several. Considering all of the genocides throughout history, I wouldn't discount any of those being tried.

Comment Re:Burning cash (Score 1) 177

And they will similarly fail with the Windows 10 app store strategy. In trying to emulate Apple and Google, they fail to realise that Microsoft providing a me-too Windows App Store experience doesn't provide any incentive for users to choose them over the Android and iOS apps they're already using. MS's app store is demonstrably inferior to the one offered by A and G. MS still hasn't learned the lesson that for most consumers, it's the apps, stupid! They really couldn't care less about the underlying OS as long as Pokemon Go! (or whatever other app du jour) is available on it.

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