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Comment Re:How much of that is entirely Microsoft's fault (Score 1) 509

What I'd like to know is if this information will make writing malware for Macs more tempting? I don't think anybody here believes the old "virus proof" bit for Apple anymore, but it's still generally held that it's been too niche to bother with. Will this be changing if only for the challenge? And yeah, you mention Linux. What if they factor in chrome books and boxes? I'd love to slap those onto some computers for the way they're used. What's the sense in paying for so much more than what's needed?

Submission + - Samsung to recall the Galaxy Note7 according to explosive new rumor (

An anonymous reader writes: Why is the company rumored to issue this unprecedented smartphone recall? Apparently, the phone has been exploding. No, "exploding" is not some form of slang like "lit" or "woke" — the phone overheats and goes up in flames. This could potentially injure or kill users, not to mention cause damage to property. While this recall would damage Samsung's brand and cost the company millions — potentially billions — the alternative of massive lawsuits could be worse.

Comment Re: OPSEC (Score 1) 61

You think their internet connections aren't monitored by foreign interests already? Not just the installations, but the home connections? Maybe it's less of a concern for state side bases, but the ones overseas are a different issue. Besides, you're assuming they couldn't use a private version with known and trusted exits.

Comment Re: Really, this happens in America? How?? (Score 1) 180

ISP and home sellers can lie, or be wrong. There may be capacity issues, so that while you're covered as far as the map is concerned, there are no slots to sellou. The sales department may not know that. The owners may fib. It's basically like adding a clause like pending inspection or financing. If the move is far enough away, it pays to be up front on expectations.

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